Eye Surgery

Of all the eye surgeries that have ruled over the medical world, LASIK has gained the favor of most of the patients not only because of it’s credibility in bringing the vision back, but also because of two other major factors- first the cosmetic appearance, and second, the convenience. Visual function has always been the priority of the patients who undergo the LASIK surgery. Having the freedom to function visually without any kind of optical prosthesis, more commonly termed as the lenses or pair of glasses, is a great gift to mankind. Before the industrial revolution took place, people who lacked eyesight used to be completely dependent on others for little things and nothing else could be a bigger definition of being handicapped than this. So the first thing that men felt the need of was a pair of glasses that would help them do simpler things like roam about in their own territory without being dependent on the others. As days progressed, technology and science took some new dimensions and things became more subtle and high defined. Nowadays LASIK done from johnfrangiemd.com/can bring in the change even more swiftly and reliably. It is really an amazing feeling to know that while there’s any kind of emergency at any time of the day, a person whose vision has been corrected surgically is functionally as good as a people with normal vision.

Eye Surgery

As the entire world puts it’s steps into the twentieth century concepts started changing as well. Glasses which were more a priority for those who had poor vision, started turning out to be more of a fashion statement. While it looks cool to have a pair of sunglasses or even fancy ones, for the rest, it looks better without the glasses. There are certain things on which the size of the eyes depend as well. The optical characteristics can significantly find some change in the apparent size of the eyes, making them look small with high prescriptions. The color of the eyes might change as well and such goals might not be met by the glasses under any circumstances. Contact lens might serve the purpose but even they cause irritation and brings in redness to the eyes. Even it is not possible for one to keep switching between lens and glasses when required. The LASIK surgery can actually bring in a permanent solution to this problem and reduce the growing intolerance.

And most importantly, the convenience of not wearing glasses or contact lenses by undergoing the LASIK surgery draws most of the candidates towards it. By using the glasses and contact lenses over the years, people get used to the inconveniences of cleansing the lenses with disinfectants, or fumbling for the pair of glasses. They make it part and parcel of their life, and learn to deal with them. But with the affordable LASIK surgery from johnfrangiemd.com/ they have now found solution to these problems and find it more feasible.

LASIK surgery can actually provide one with a hassle free life and it keeps evolving over the years. Nowadays there are options of blade free LASIK which provides improved visual function without any cuts or scratches as well. The more technology makes progress, mankind makes sure that their there’s no compromise with the comfort level.

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