Gastric band has proved itself not only to be the simplest but also the safest procedure available in the field of bariatric surgery that follows the modern techniques. There are a wide range of gastric bands that are available in the market, they might bear different names, but the principle is almost the same. There are multiple other techniques that might be effective in losing weight but patients who’ve made the use of these bands have shown fantastic result. According to some of the studies, it has been proved that these band surgeries are almost five to six times effective than taking the pills and maintaining the diet.

Gastric Laparoscopic Banding

There are certain misconceptions involved in the process which the doctors at think need to be corrected. Obesity, according to them is one of the problems that can be resolved through surgery, but before going under the scissor and knife, there are certain criteria that one needs to qualify. Studies have suggested that people with Body Mass Index in between 35 to 40 suffering from weight related disorders may qualify. People have an idea that the surgeries might work like a miracle, but medical science completely disagrees from it. This is in no way a one time process and it continues for a stretch of two complete years. About 50 to 60 percent of the weight loss can be attained, but for that, the minimum time required must be provided. While the patients might feel to lose three to four kilograms per month, the maximum of the weight loss can be felt from eighteen months to almost three years after the surgery is done. The band surgery actually restricts the passage of the solid food that is being taken on regular basis, so if the patients do not stop consuming soft drinks and other high calorie soft foods, the chances of achieving success reduces.

Like any other surgical operation, even this requires a lot of emotional support from the friends and the family members, since this is nothing short of a makeover. There are some definite restrictions that the physician might suggest and even the smokers need to stop their smoking habit at least a month prior to the date of surgery. Laproscopic banding might eventually result a smaller stomach due to the weight loss. There is the band fill procedure done at which the patients might need to do in such cases to get their bands tightened. These are some of the minor adjustments that the patients might need to do for the first six months after the surgery to reach the ideal weight. In most of the cases, it has been found that people get anxious when they need to do such adjustments. They have a notion that once the surgery is done, these things come under the entire process and should be completed at one go. They fail to understand that it is the adaptive nature of the body which can be understood only after one tries coming back to normal life. Rather, such adjustments might be more tolerable to patients than having any kind of blood extraction.

Getting back to the normal life with more productivity is the sole aim of such surgeries, and they don’t fail to meet the expectation under any circumstances. The patients keeping their patience intact might be able to reap the best result of these surgeries.