Ptosis Treatment

Maybe you have come across a photo or seen a person whose eyes or one eye looks sleepy. Perhaps you have seen a Chicago influencer who has had unfortunate ptosis on social media due to Botox going wrong. Usually, the upper eyelid sags and makes you look asleep. Suppose you have observed those symptoms in your eyes or that of a family member. In that case, you are the best candidate to visit a Ptosis Reston specialist at Rostami OPC for surgery to correct your problem and improve your vision. The team has years of experience in treating ptosis by removing drooping skin and treating the cause of the problem. You do not have to struggle with your vision and appearance while you have a remedy. Learn more about ptosis before booking your appointment.

What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis usually occurs when the upper eyelid drops, covering most of the eye and making you look like you are sleeping. The muscles of the eye or those of the forehead are weakened and therefore unable to hold the eyelids or the brow. Everyone, including kids, can get ptosis since it is part of their anatomy. It may occur naturally or through other means such as cosmetic treatment.

What Are The Causes Of Droopy Eyes?

Ptosis can occur due to artificial or natural means. In case of natural causes, you can get an injury to the eye, disease, or a tumor that may affect the muscles above the eye that aid in lifting the eyelid. It may also occur due to the natural aging process or present at birth.

Cosmetic treatment may also cause ptosis, such as Botox on rare occasions. If the injection is so close to the eye, it can weaken the eyelid, causing eyelid ptosis or affecting forehead muscles that help lift the eyebrows. That is why you should ensure you use a cosmetic specialist when in need of cosmetic improvement.

Treatment Options for Ptosis

Different prescriptions are available to correct the drooping eye problem, and they vary depending on the severity of your condition. Some of the treatments may include

Use prescription eye drops: If the eyelid has not lost its entire strength, the doctor may recommend some eye drops that help stimulate the muscle and help lift the eyelid. This is possible for neurotoxin ptosis, which occurs temporarily and disappears with time.

Use neuromodulators: Cosmetic treatment is usually ideal for drooping eyes treatment. Injection of more neuromodulators can help relax the eye and the forehead muscle and lift the drooping lid.

Surgery option: Surgery is recommended if your ptosis is congenital. The patient should seek the services of a surgeon and discuss the treatment options before proceeding to have surgery.

When your eyes have a problem and cannot display a clear vision, this is traumatizing and requires immediate attention. You need to seek medical attention from specialists experienced in ptosis treatment. The team at Rostami OPC is experienced in providing solutions to the ptosis problems, including offering all necessary treatment options to ensure you are back to normal. Do not struggle with your vision and droopy appearance while you can have a solution. You can begin by planning an online consultation or calling their office today. Get detailed information about different types of non-surgical and surgical treatments that can enhance your personality, on this website: