8 Points About Teenage Smoking


It is true: teenagers may begin smoking as young as 12 and keep up with it for the rest of their lives. Just as true is that those who begin smoking earlier or much more likely to eventually contract cancer and die. Antismoking advocates have long pointed at smoking as being one of the deadliest habits of all. These advocates have also offered a number of points about teenagers and smoking that are worth exploring. We’ll take a look at eight of them here.


  1. Smokers start young. Survey a group of smokers and ask them when the started smoking and you will discover that nearly all began smoking when they were young. Indeed, according to NoSmoke.gov, 90 percent first began to smoke by the time that they were 19.
  1. A death just waiting to be prevented. There are unpreventable deaths and then there are preventable deaths. Most preventable deaths center on human behavior and include tobacco. Indeed, more people die from cigarette smoking than from any other preventable illness. Approximately 30 percent of teens will eventually die from a smoking-related disease.
  1. Worse problems are associated with smoking. Smoking can cause the more obvious health problems, but it can also lead to anxiety disorders, panic attack, and depression. Some people claim that cigarettes helps them to calm down, but the opposite is true.
  1. Minors have access. By law, minors are not permitted to buy cigarettes. Unfortunately, more than 120,000 packs of cigarettes are bought by young people every month. These are cigarettes that they purchase from vendors directly and not by having an adult do it for them. Add in adult-aided purchases and you can see why teens get hooked.
  1. Start young, die early. People that begin to smoke when they are teens and keep the habit going through their lives can expect an early death. It has been reported that these individuals will shave at least 13 years off of their lives by their habit.
  1. Misbehavior follows smoking. Teens that smoke are also likely to engage in other behaviors that are harmful to them and others. Besides the previously mentioned mental health challenges, these individuals may attempt suicide, carry weapons, get into fights and participate in risky sexual behavior.
  1. Personal abuse is possible. Teens that smoke are also more likely to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and experiment with lethal drugs, including cocaine. Other drug problems may follow and the addictions that come with it.
  1. Nearly 4,000 young people take their first smoke each day. Campaigns to discourage adolescents from smoking just are not working. Thousands of young people will take their first smoke today. Some will immediately quit, others will smoke for a while and stop, while too many others will keep at it for years and to their detriment.

Smoke Cessation

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