Electronic smoking pipes are gaining in popularity amongst both people who smoke on a regular basis and those who only do it when they are out with friends or family. They are also commonly used by people who want to quit smoking cigarettes. There has been much discussion as to the future of electronic smoking pipes.

Not Distinctive

At first glance it is difficult to tell the difference between a regular pipe and an electronic pipe. On the outside they look very similar. Those who make it a habit to smoke regular pipes report that they don’t get the same enjoyment from electronic pipes as they get from non-electronic versions. This has turned some smokers off of smoking pipes.

Choices In Cartridges

Smoking a regular pipe means the person doing so will taste and smell what they are used to from pipes. Electronic pipes give people the option of choosing the flavour cartridge they like the best. Just the fact that electronic smoking pipes can provide people with different flavours makes it preferable in the mind of some smokers. Some smoking pipe cartridges give off a strong flavour and some don’t, so the whole smoking experience becomes tailored to an individual’s flavour preference. People that have smoked both e-cigarettes and electronic pipes have reported that though the flavour cartridges sold for electronic pipes are more expensive they last longer than e-cigarette cartridges do.



Due to the size of electronic smoking pipes many people find that transporting them is more of a bother than transporting traditional cigarettes or even smaller electronic smoking products. While e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes fit easily in a purse or pocket, electronic smoking pipes do not. This could, in some small way, hurt their chances of becoming a popular smoking alternative. For many people that have tried electronic smoking pipes transporting them has become too much of a burden and they have switched back to smoking traditional or electronic cigarettes.

Sales Numbers

Studies have been conducted that have determined electronic smoking products such as pipes are making $300 million in profit per year. Though these profits are still less than the total profits of all traditional cigarettes sold in a year experts believe that could change in the years to come. Experts feel that within a few years electronic smoking products will be giving tobacco companies a run for their money. It has been predicted that within the next few years the profit from the sale of electronic smoking products could possibly reach more than one billion dollars.


The future of electronic smoking pipes is very much up in the air at this point. It has its good points and its bad points, its supporters and its opposition. Many factors will likely contribute to the future of electronic smoking pipes.