skin care

Some people believe that good skin is inherited; some too, believe that it is achieved through careful and continuous efforts of the individual, yet some others are of the opinion that what one eats is what reflects on the skin. They are all correct to their certain extent, for, great skin is achieved from a combination of these variables, but what is the matter here is knowing what to do and the best way to do them in order to achieve a skin that stands one out from the crowd.

skin care

Eating Right!

Both Nutritionists and Dermatologists agree that what you eat is really the most important cosmetic that your body needs to keep your skin soft, healthy and glowing. One essential ingredient for a healthy skin is drinking enough water on daily basis. Recommended quantity of water that is needed by the body, and by extension, the skin, may vary from places and individuals but the fact remains that at least two liters of water is broadly needed to keep your skin adequately hydrated and healthy. The digestive system is structured in such a manner that, it is the fluids that the cells need to transport nutrients to parts of the body and the skin. Toxic wastes that are harmful to the skin, which are produced through the body’s digestive, metabolic and other processes are effectively transported out of the body system.

What is the place of oil in a healthy skin?

Vegetable oils that undergo least processing are particularly better for maintaining fresh and shining skin. For one, they have their essential nutrients intact. Your skin looks oiled and healthy. Essential fatty acids (Omega 6, Omega 3 and others) help keep the body protected from harmful bacteria, as well as the inflammation of the skin, and these ingredients can be sourced from fish, walnuts and some other edible seeds like the flax seed. They also work to keep the body moist to an optimal level.

Scoring ‘Grade A’ Skin, With Vitamin A.

One more essential for a healthy skin is Vitamin A. Experts agree that it is difficult to maintain a truly healthy skin when this vitamin is lacking. So one should go for such dairy products that contain low fat, and also take such vegetables as carrots which are rich sources of dietary vitamin A.

Cosmetics? Perhaps a Must!

Having tackled the quest for good and healthy skin from the inside through balanced diets and carefully selected fruits and vegetables, what remains to consider here are the things to do in order to perfect the skin from the outside through cosmetics, and first on the pack is to keep the skin care at all times. Cosmetics are good and generally recommended for maintaining good looking skin, but knowing the ones to avoid and how to use the others that are needed is important. One will be doing the skin a lot of good by avoiding those cosmetics that contain harmful ingredients like hydroquinone or mercuric iodide which are considered carcinogenic and capable of damaging the skin. Excessive use of cosmetics and products becomes counter-productive in the attempt to attain and maintain good looking and healthy skin.

What Are There To Give Up?

It is advisable to avoid certain habits that work to render what is eaten and the cosmetics that is applied to the skin ineffective. Research has proved that smoking accelerates aging and wrinkling of the skin. It is one of the things to be sacrificed for a good looking and healthy skin.