How E-Cigarettes Took Over the World


An electronic cigarette, known commonly as an e-cigarette, is a simple device that allows you to smoke without having to go through the hassle of lighting it up or dealing with the ashes. E-cigarettes were originally introduced many years ago as a replacement for conventional smokes. In the beginning, people thought that e-cigs could replicate the flavour and taste of conventional cigarettes. E-cigs weren’t as popular in the first few years when they hit the mainstream market. However, as the number of deaths attributed to excessive smoking and their harmful effects continued to rise, governments and private organisations around the globe began pressing for greater awareness.

If you pick up a pack of cigarettes today, you are likely to see clear warnings mentioned on the front of the box. Some cigarette packets also contain grisly images of what happens to people who smoke too much. Needless to say, the demand for cigarettes has begun to decline sharply. In order to curb their addiction, people have begun switching over to e-cigarettes.

E-cigs are available in a variety of different flavours, and can be customised according to your own requirements. You can customise the build according to your own preferences by switching out the coils, battery or cartomiser. Unlike conventional cigarettes which burn tobacco and release smoke, e-cigs release vapour by boiling the e-liquid inside the cartomiser or clearomiser. Whenever you inhale on the e-cig, the battery sends a charge that heats up the coils, which in turn releases a vapour that you inhale.

Positive Marketing

Even though there are no scientific studies that prove that e-cigs are better than conventional cigarettes, there are clear indicators that highlight the fact that e-cigs are better overall. For starters, e-cigs don’t release any smoke, thus making them useful in crowded environments. You don’t need to worry about passive smoking, either. E-cig companies generally use positive marketing strategies in order to sway public opinion. Apart from tobacco, conventional cigarettes also include hundreds of other carcinogens that are extremely harmful to health. However, the liquid used in e-cigs only contains flavouring and tobacco. You don’t have to inhale the hundreds of other carcinogens found in conventional smokes.


Did you know that there are professional vaping competitions held all over the globe? Known as cloud chasing, these competitions have gained a lot of media attention in the past. The main aim is to produce more smoke than your competitor in order to win. These competitions are another popular way by which e-cig companies market themselves.

The e-cig industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Today, there are plenty of companies that sell e-cigs and a host of other accessories. You can also order e-cigs online from different companies. Some companies also sell disposable e-cigs. However, it’s best to begin with a starter kit that can be customised according to your requirements. Once you understand how to alter the taste of the e-cig, you can also purchase different accessories to customise your build.