Components of an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

Vaping has become an extremely common hobby in the past few years. More and more people have now begun to move away from conventional smokes and have started buying electronic cigarettes. Just like a conventional cigarette, electronic cigarettes are designed to give you a small nicotine hit. However, unlike conventional cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco.

When you smoke a conventional cigarette, you do not get addicted to the tobacco within the cigarette. Instead, it is the amount of nicotine found in the tobacco that is extremely addictive. The tobacco simply blows through your lungs upon inhalation and goes out.

As governments across the globe began rolling out public service messages and announcements that were targeted to promote awareness amongst smokers, e-cig companies began taking advantage of the situation. Through cleverly designed marketing campaigns and by providing a higher quality product, e-cig companies were able to capture a significant portion of the smokers’ market. Companies such as Vaper Empire now sell quality e-cigs and ship them all over Australia. However, most people who buy e-cigs do not really know how it works. Here are all the components of a common e-cig:

Electronic Cigarette

The Battery

The battery is the first and foremost thing that you should know about. Since the e-cigarette is powered by an electrical charge, the battery is the critical component that allows the electronic cigarette to work. There is a smart microprocessor fitted within the battery that turns it on as soon as a user inhales from the cigarette. The battery is usually shaped like a cylinder, and sends a charge directly to the cartomizer or atomizer. There are manual and automatic battery types available on the market. However, both of them offer the same functionality, with just a small difference.

The Cartridges

The cartridge of the e-cigarette is known by many names. Some refer to it as the atomizer, while others generally call it the cartomizer. However, the obvious word for it is a cartridge. This is a small cylindrical device that is filled up with nicotine juice, also known as e-liquid. Since both the battery and the cartridge are cylindrical, they can be easily screwed on via connecting ends.

Every time you inhale through the battery, a charge is sent from the battery to the atomizer. You should know that the cartridges are designed to be disposable, so they do not last very long. You will have an idea when the nicotine juice runs out, because the taste will change drastically.


Another component of the e-cig starter kit is the charger. Ideally, almost every e-cig can be charged with the help of any USB charger. You can just plug in the charger and connect it over to the battery, which usually has a micro USB port that allows you to charge the battery.

Nowadays, the quality of e-cigs has improved dramatically. Most of them even come with beautiful LED lights that turn on every time you take a puff on the cigarette, thus giving off a very realistic impression.