Yes, it is. That’s the simple answer. But it’s pretty likely that you want to know why, if you don’t already know. First, simply think about how many times you’ve been told about the importance of eating a healthy diet.

You may be surprised that what you are eating is far more important than how much exercise you are getting. That doesn’t mean that physical activity is any less important, it just means that if you aren’t eating right then what’s the point in fitness?

The Relationship Of Eating And Exercise

You’ve already likely heard that one pound equals 3,500 calories. That is the number by which you figure out how to lose the weight you want to lose in order to be a healthier person. While some people believe that as long as you are eating “healthy” meal choices you don’t need to count calories, others know the importance of the calorie.

If you are living on a diet of fast food and boxed food you are taking in far more sodium and sugar than any person needs, eating far more calories and larger portions than you should be, and it also means you’d need to workout for more to burn all your calories. And most of those foods offer empty calories that don’t give you any healthy benefits.

Why You Need To Count Calories

It’s obvious that counting calories will help you determine how much exercise you need to do in order to drop however many pounds it is that you want to lose. Calories and their tie to weight loss helps you to understand both the importance of fitness and of eating a proper, healthy diet.

Losing Calories Through Fitness

Here’s where you learn why just exercising isn’t enough. Look at the calorie count on your food diary (yes, you should be keeping one if you are trying to lose weight or just get healthy). Then calculate the calories you’ve burned through your exercise.

If you aren’t eating properly and watching your portions it is very likely that you are still consuming more than you are burning. Being healthy and fit is only 20 to 30 percent determined by your physical activity, the rest is all about what you are eating.

How To Actually Get Healthy

Knowing that 70 to 80 percent of your wellness depends on what you are consuming should show you the true importance of food. While that doesn’t mean fitness is any less important. You still need to get regular physical activity, especially since studies are now showing that a sedentary lifestyle could be killing you.

Eating healthier means eating leaner meats, whole grains, low- or no-fat dairy, and of course, eating your fruits and vegetables. A good rule to live by is to fill your plate a third of the way with vegetables. These low calories foods not only cut your intake, but they also offer all the vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy inside and out.