Mini abdominoplasty is a surgery to correct the lower area of the abdominal muscles where the belly or skin fold can appear. These folds can not be removed with the help of sports exercises and diet. Such kind of surgery can help the patients with weakened muscles and skin of the abdomen, the prolapsus of the abdomen and if a client wants to emphasize the waist. Abdominoplasty surgeries are not carried out before pregnancy, it is better to make it after birth, if necessary. During mini abdominoplasty surgery the doctor makes a partial liposuction, excises the excess skin and tightens the relaxed muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. In this case the doctor affects only the fascia that makes manipulation less traumatic. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia with the average duration no more than 2-2.5 hours.


Due to the fact that only one incision is made this type of plastic surgery has lower traumatic impact and better cosmetic effect. The navel is not affected during abdominoplasty surgery, all the excess skin is excised in the zone between the navel and the symphysis pubis. The only scar that remains from the surgery is at the bikini zone and can be easily hidden. The recovery period after abdominoplasty takes less time and is much easier to pass through. The patient quickly return to the habitual way of life while following the physician recommendations about the limitation of physical activity, in particular, the moves carried out by the abdominals. The patient must wear a supportive corset during 1-2 months after surgery. The first two days after the surgery the doctor prescribes narcotic analgesics, and then the simple painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection. When a proper time period passes some physical activity is recommended. It helps to avoid surgery aftereffects, improves mood and speeds up the recovery process. Usually these exercises can be started in 4-5 days after surgery. In the most cases, in 1.5-2 months the patient returns to his previous job.

In the first months after surgery the scar on the abdomen may be visible. But with the time passing, it turns less visible and smooth. Of course, it does not mean that the scar will be absolutely invisible, but it won’t catch the attention and can be easily hidden under the clothes. You can also consult the surgeon about the methods that help to reduce the scar intensity.

We should not think that a tummy plastic surgery will give you the perfect and a flat tummy to the end of life. You tummy needs care! First of all, you should make exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and to keep to a diet to avoid obesity. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth after the surgery deteriorate the results of abdominoplasty significantly. That is why this surgery is recommended after childbirth. But in any case, there are no restrictions for the second surgery. The choice is always yours.