E-Cigs versus Traditional Cigarettes


 The vaping industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, thanks to a combination of tactful marketing and excellent timing. E-cig companies ramped up the marketing campaigns at a time when governments and private organisations around the globe were introducing new regulations for traditional cigarette advertising. Have you seen those gruesome pictures that are printed on cigarette packets? These pictures are designed to serve a purpose – to deter you from making the purchase.

Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, an addiction-causing drug. That is one of the main reasons why many people often get addicted to smoking once they start. However, it is important to note that apart from tobacco and nicotine, there are hundreds of other carcinogens that are included inside as well. These cancer-causing agents do nothing but harm to your body.

Health Concerns

Numerous studies have shown that cigarettes are extremely dangerous to a person’s health. Traditional cigarettes are one of the root causes of lung cancer, along with a series of other respiratory issues. Chronic bronchitis and asthma are just two of the other illnesses that smokers generally suffer from. As nicotine mixes into your bloodstream, it starts leaving a yellowish tinge on your skin. Slowly, with the passage of time, you will begin to notice your stamina dropping considerably, and you will become unhealthy in general.

However, e-cigs are completely different in this regard. An electronic cigarette provides you with the same dose of nicotine that you would expect from a traditional cigarette, except they do not contain all of those harmful carcinogens. As a result, even though you are consuming nicotine, you are at least avoiding some serious risks.


There’s a lot of variety when it comes to buying e-cigs. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are in favour of them. The key factor that determines the taste of the e-cigarette is the e-liquid. This is the liquid in the cartomiser that boils up every time you inhale the e-cigarette. If you are bored with the same old taste of cigarettes, it might be time to switch it up and try something different.

You can easily buy any flavour of e-liquid from X2 cigs, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of e-cigs. The brand is renowned across the country for its high-quality e-cigs and components. Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can easily modify the taste by switching out different components.

E-cigs are also economical, and can be smoked in public places as well. That is because unlike traditional cigarettes that release a smoke, e-cigs only release an odourless vapour that wafts harmlessly into the air. In fact, vaping has become a popular hobby amongst many people. There are actual contests that are held around the globe – known as cloud chasing contests – where two people stand back to back and then start vaping in order to see who is capable of producing the most amount of vapour. You can also buy different kinds of components in order to improve the experience even further.