Drug Rehab Champaign says, like many other Illinois cities, Champaign is currently struggling with a rather severe substance abuse problem of its own. Drug and alcohol abuse has been a rather prevalent factor in and around the city of Champaign, resulting from intensive substance abuse and drug-related issues in Chicago and the trickle-down effect that that has had on other Illinois cities.

Drug Rehab Champaign has experienced the worst of its problems in the form of heroin and prescription drugs. This has been the lot of life in Champaign, and nothing any group or organization there that tries to do anything about it seems to make any headway with it. The truth of the matter is that this issue is a problem issue on all accounts, and preventative measures have never been all that successful here. The result? Continued substance abuse is often the story of the day in Champaign. The real key here to the recovery of this city will be effective rehabilitation of those who are addicted; nothing else will have as strong of an effect as that will.

Recovering Addicts in Champaign

Many individuals who were addicted to drugs and alcohol in Champaign have sought out help for their addictions by doing the right thing; going to inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations. These programs have completely freed many Champaign residents from their addiction issues. This is initially something to applaud, but in a city that is still rife with addiction, the battle is not yet won, even for those in recovery. True enough, those in Drug Rehabilitation in Champaign who have successfully beaten addiction still have some problems to face.

The ones who still have to confront their addictions have it the worst of all. They can expect to go through no less than six phases as they battle addiction:

  • Pre-Contemplation. This is just when an addict starts to notice that his or her addiction is having a very bad effect on his or her life.
  • Contemplation. In this state of addiction recovery, the addict actually starts to think about going to rehab because of the effects that his or her drug or alcohol abuse is having on him or her.
  • Preparation. While an addict might still me outwardly resisting treatment in this state, the addict is actually thinking about what needs to happen to go to treatment, and what that would actually look like.
  • Action. Action is the actual doing of the action of going into rehab. It is the getting up, admitting to the family that one is ready, and entering into a program.
  • Maintenance: this is the, “keeping with it”, part of the process. While in treatment, addicts will want to leave and call it quits. It will often seem like too much to them and they will want to get away from it. They should never do this, as it is sure destruction to them to do so.
  • Termination: At some point while in rehab, addicts will have a major revelation or a breakthrough of sorts. This will be the defining and exact point in which addiction comes to an end for them and they experience a significant amount of success and happiness as a result of it.

These are the stages that all addicts go through when fighting addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), Drug Rehab Champaign, and the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), these are the six most common stages that are experienced. As long as an addict is able to successfully make it through these, he or she will be able to make it through and out the other end. In Champaign, the need for addicts to go through these phases is now much more important than it ever was before.