The Most Asked Questions and Its Answers Regarding Facelift


Before undergoing any kind of surgery, you need to gain full info about it. Face lifting done by surgeons through cosmetic surgery is no exception. Information taken prior to any kind of surgery helps you to know what to expect, its benefits and any other issues, which are likely to arise in post surgery days.


What is the first thing to do when you need facelift?

Get in contact with a reputable and experienced doctor: That can be done after searching on the medical sites or asking those, who have undergone the surgery.

He / she should be board certified plastic surgeon. The person should be well-experienced and well-known in medical circles too. A specialist, who has done lot of facial surgery without any post surgery issues, will be suitable to do the needful changes on your face.

The questions to be asked during consultation:

  • His / her qualification and experience.
  • The kind of face lift suitable for your outer appearance.
  • Ask for the price quotes. Get a written quote for the facial surgery package.
  • Whether the surgery will be successful and give the desired result.
  • The time it will take to get full recovery from the surgery.
  • Speak with previous patients, who have done facelift surgery.
  • If any further surgery will be needed in future to maintain the effect of the present facial plastic surgery.
  • Will there be any side effects to be experienced during post surgery period.
  • The time duration to take leave from your work place
  • If the final result is not satisfactory, whether further treatment cost will be provided by the doctor, medical faculty or you have to pay for the extra treatment.
  • Will there be any cancellation charges, if you need to postpone the treatment or cancel it due to some unavoidable circumstances.

How to prepare yourself for the facial surgery?

Like any other surgeries, well-maintained health will surely give best results in short time. Thus, increase the intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals in your diet. Give importance to exercises and have enough rest.

Smoking and excess drinking of alcohol should be totally avoided. If you like to lose your weight, it will be advisable to do before surgery. Thus, more extra skin can be removed. Be emotionally prepared to be patient while the scars heal itself after the surgery. To have swelling and bruises is a common factor, which will take time to disappear.

Tactfully arrange other works in order to take rest in post surgery period, as you will be asked to do minimal work and not to expose your face to direct sunrays by your doctor.

Make sure that you understand the pricing of each treatment involved until the end of face lifting surgery. The items needed should be listed beforehand to stay clear of confusion later.

All this information will make you fully prepared to do the kasvojen kohotusleikaus successfully.

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