Top Tips on What to Wear for a Proper Gym Workout

Gym Workout

Establishing a regular workout routine is important if you have certain health and lifestyle goals. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, develop your muscles, or simply have better health and wellness and more energy, doing regular workouts is a must.

One of the first things you should do, however, if you are really committed to changing your body and health, is find the right gym for your needs. With a good gym which you can visit at any time, you can become more inspired to stick to your goals and you have all the equipment, machinery, and even advice and support at your disposal. You can even join fitness classes if you want to have more fun whilst working out. A variety of fitness classes in Dublin, for example, are offered by premier gyms such as Icon Health Club (find out more about their services at, which includes the ever-popular spinning classes, core strength and body pump classes, Yogalates, and more.

The point is to find your niche and establish a regular workout routine that works best for your needs, your body, and your goals.  But before anything else, you want to be comfortable when you do go to the gym to work out. And this starts with having the right clothing.

Gym Workout

The basics

You want to be comfortable when you work out, so you need to find clothes that fit you well and in which you can move around freely. Do not wear restrictive clothing that may hamper your movements, and if you are conscious about sweat marks, wear clothes that do not reveal perspiration that easily. One tip: if you want, you can wear two tops so that the first layer of clothing can absorb your sweat. A simple pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a t-shirt can be a good choice.

The importance of the right footwear

Since you will probably be doing a bit of cardio and other vigorous exercises, you will need the proper shoes that are able to absorb the impact of your movements. You want footwear that fits you well and does not cram your toes, so you can move with ease, but you don’t want footwear that is too big, either. Also, remember that most good gyms do not allow street shoes, sandals, or open-toed footwear on the floor, so if you don’t have a good pair of trainers, then you might as well purchase some.

Your gym bag

Most individuals may not put too much emphasis on their gym bags, but choosing the right gym bag is important as well. For this, opt for a gym bag which has a good amount of pockets and other compartments that can hold different items, such as a mobile phone, an iPod, a small towel, a bottle of water, your keys, and the like. Make sure that the gym bag you choose is also big enough in its interior to hold your shoes, a change of clothes, a bigger towel, and your workout clothes.

Other essentials for your gym bag

Apart from clothing and a towel or two, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pack other essentials in your gym bag such as a hairbrush and deodorant. If you are planning to go to work after your gym visit, then you need to pack clothing for the office as well. Another tip: if you would like to take a shower at the gym, then it would also be best to include footwear which you can use in the shower.