A bunch of people are looking for various health and nutritional options out there that can help them lose weight and also provide other health benefits for their body. Before anything else one should always not just look for a quick solution of losing weight but also if it offers other health benefits. This automatically rules out advocare – on the health factor. The main reason as to why shakeology beats advocare is because it contains fewer calories and carbs, less fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugars.

Shakeology also provides over 70 superfoods, natural, vitamins, and nutrients that are not present in advocare products. The reason as to why many people prefer shakeology it is for the main reason that it is medically proven to be clinically healthy for losing weight as a meal replacement shake.

So why does shakeology win? It contains whey protein isolate and pea protein. They are derived from whole foods and are easily absorbed by the body. Advocare also contains whey protein concentrate which unfortunately is not healthy because it causes lactose intolerance to many individuals. Advocare has chemical alkalies which end up in making protein derivatives that prevents the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Shakeology contains natural sugar extracts from the safest plant known as stevia. Whereas advocare contains sucralose and maltodextrin which is an artificial sugar not healthy for the body. In regards to fat, shakeology contains flax seed which is the main source for omega 3 fatty acids which promotes to a healthy heart, stronger immune system, and reduced inflammation. Advocare does not list any fat which is derived from whole foods.

Advocare contains some amount of synthetic vitamins in their mix, though just a small portion is from natural foods. If you compare it to vegan shakeology, the whole of it is natural and from whole foods. Advocare also contains soy protein isolate which is from soy but the main problem is that soy from the US is genetically modified and not organic. Processed soy can cause very serious health problems which results to decreased libido, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and lastly but not limited to erectile dysfunction.

Advocare also contains natural and artificial flavors in their ingredients. In terms of their prices, advocare costs USD 44.95 per box – 14 servings which brings to about USD 3.21 per each serving. Shakeology goes for USD 120 for a 30 day supply which results to USD 4 per serving. So many people would prefer to go for advocare because it is way much cheaper than shakeology. But many people seem to forget that they will need to compliment the advocare mix with some supplements which adds up to be expensive than shakeology.

For anyone who is looking on an option of looking for something to hold off your appetite, then advocare has the best deal. For lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar, healthy body system, and weight management then the best option would be shakeology.

Check the table below representing all the information:

Servings and price

PriceUSD 44.95USD 120
Price / servingUSD 3.21USD 4


Gluten freeYesNo
Dairy freeNoNo (But available)
Soy freeNoNo