Tips For Preventing And Dealing With UTIs


Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can be caused by a number of things and they are just one more annoyance added to the list of things women have to deal with every day that cause stress, pain, and more. When you do get one there are things you can do to fight them off.

These infections are caused by bacteria getting into the urethra from various things, from sex, wiping wrong, and more. You’ll know you have one by the pain when you urinate. If not dealt with in a timely matter this bacteria can get up to the kidneys and cause an even worse infection.

How To Prevent UTIs

There are many things that women can do to help prevent UTIs. Some of these things are simply important for those that are prone to them, and others are just great preventative measures if you have a concern about UTIs.

  • Avoid douching. Perfumed things like douche can cause UTIs, and douching can also push bacteria up into the cervix at an even faster rate.

  • Take showers instead of taking baths. Soaking in the bath raises your risk of bacteria entering down there, and it’s even worth if you use bubbles and bath oils.

  • Always wipe the correct way, from front to back, as to not spread bacteria from your anus to the front.

  • Stop using tampons. If you get a lot of UTIs you may find that pads during that time of the month are a much friendlier sanitary aid.

If you have a medical issue that causes you to need a catheter on a regular basis you may be getting UTIs from the use of this device. Never wash your catheters and reuse them, instead use disposable ones that come sterilized, protecting you from painful UTIs.

How To Heal UTIs

Drinking plenty of water and other fluids can not only help prevent UTIs, but it can also help flush your system to help you fight off the infection if you already have one. Cranberry juice is a great option if you get tired of drinking water.

However, avoid caffeinated drinks, like coffee and soda, which can irritate the infection even more. Tea is OK, as long as you ensure it is decaffeinated.

Antibiotics are really the best way to get rid of the pain of a UTI and ensure that it doesn’t reach your kidneys. Make sure you take them for the entire duration that your doctor prescribed them for, even if the pain seems to go away. Make sure to eat lots of probiotic rich yogurt to keep your stomach bacteria healthy, as antibiotics can’t detect the difference between good and bad bacteria.