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Cellulite is common among many people and especially women. The alveolar structure located under the skin is not limited to women only and men also get this fat and therefore it is a common struggle for the two genders. It is however important to note that cellulite is not in a health hazard in any way and should only be interpreted so if the person having it is overweight.

Normally, different parts of the body such as upper arms, buttocks and thighs are more prone to the formation of cellulite as compared to all others. This is however, the case among the population that has reached the reproductive stage and is caused by changes in the level of reproductive hormone. This happens more during teenage years, pregnancy, among women using birth control pills and around menopause. Eradicating cellulite is normally tough and many people find it hard and unbearable.

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The formation of cellulite

Cellulite fat is detached from the firm groups of attaching tissue that links between the deep tissues and the skin.  During the process of weight gain, fat cells grow in size but this does not affect the length of the connective tissue bands which remain the same. While the fat collects towards the skin, the bands on the other hand pull the skin downwards and this is what gives cellulite their dimple-like appearance. Cellulites might not be very visible on young people but if not dealt with, they become more visible as one advances in years.

There are also other factors that could contribute in the formation of cellulite fat and these include the poor lymph circulation. The circulation of lymph normally helps in the transportation of waste, excess fluids and toxins from the body tissues to the bloodstream. This is done through the lymph vessels. The circulation can be affected by fluid retention, excess fat and lack of enough body exercises. This is a good explanation as to why many women who are not obese still have to contend with cellulite.

How to avoid cellulite

As aforementioned, cellulite fat is not a health risk. However, the fat can be ugly and can easily cost you the enjoyment of your favorite attire as it is a put-off especially if you want to enjoy the best moments in the beach. To avoid this problem, try to maintain the normal level of body weight and do not add weight so suddenly. It is also important to exercise regularly as a way of improving lymphatic and vascular distribution, lower body fat and enhance muscle tone.

You should also avoid sitting or standing for long periods, eat fruits and vegetables in the right proportions every day. Caffeine and alcohol intake should also be checked and instead drink a lot of water whenever thirsty.

Cellulite treatment

If cellulite fat has already formed in your body, a vigorous massage will help enhance circulation. This is particularly possible if essential oils are used. Epidermal stimulation will also be helpful in making the skin appearance better. You should massage the affected body parts at least two times daily.