5 Things to Do Before a Workout


Exercise is critical for human health. Getting the motivation to take time to workout is one thing, but being physically prepared is another. There are several things you must do to ensure you are both mentally and physically prepared for your workout before you begin. Included here are a few things to help you get ready to turn and burn.


Eat Well

There is a common debate over whether or not to eat before working out. This rumor may have come from the “don’t swim after eating” rule. However, it can more damaging to go without food before working out, you may become dizzy and nauseous as well as lack energy to perform well. While you may not want to eat five minutes before you get going, an hour before is plenty of time to begin digesting the food.

The best foods to consume before working out are carbohydrates and protein. If you choose to eat on-the-go, there are several healthy options for you. Natural health food bars usually have ample nutrition, taste delicious and are easy to keep in the car or your gym bag. If you prefer to drink your nutrients you can have a protein shake, but be sure it is something that is portable and easy enough to prepare that you will consume it regularly.


it is critical you have enough water in your system to function well, and especially to workout. Try drinking one full glass about a half hour before working out; it should be enough to hydrate you without being so much that you feel bloated.

If you prefer something with a little more flavor and oomph, try a smoothie made with vegetables. Steer clear of energy drinks, they may offer electrolytes but they also contain a surplus of sugar and calories that can negate the effects of your workout.

Wear Proper Attire

The right pair of shoes for the job is critical nearly everywhere, nowhere more so than in athletics! Having proper support for your feet aids in your performance and prevents injuries to heels, knees and the back. Moisture wicking attire can help keep you cool as well, preventing chafing and heat exhaustion.

Stretch It Out

Taking time to stretch carefully before beginning a workout is very important to your safety. Muscles should be gently warmed and eased into exercise instead of shocked. Consider starting your stretching 10 minutes before you begin your workout and be sure to focus on muscles you plan to use a lot in your routine. Runners should focus on quads and torso side stretches before hitting the pavement.

Jump in the Zone

Mentally preparing yourself for exertion is nearly as important as your muscle warm-ups. Having the right mentality and attitude about exercise will help you feel inspired to stick with it. Try listening to a fast-paced “pump up” song and focus on your goals. You will jump into your workout feeling excited and motivated as well as more likely to succeed.