If you have been wearing glasses and corrective contact lenses all your life, the thought of undergoing LASIK eye surgery can be pretty tempting. The W Eye Surgery Clinic Singapore receives a significant number of patients who wish to undergo the procedure simply because they are tired of wearing prescription lenses. Some are there simply to lessen the grade of their lenses because they find that they are nearly blind from shortsightedness. While it is true that the W Eye Clinic Singapore has succeeded in treating almost all of its viable patients with LASIK surgery, not all individuals who come to them are ideal candidates for the procedures. Below are some questions which may be asked during your screening.

How stable is your vision in the past five years? LASIK surgery in W Eye Clinic Singapore cannot be done on individuals who do not have a more or less stable eye grade. If their eye grade keeps on changing, then LASIK surgery will not be able to help them. This is also the reason why, in most cases, eye surgery clinics automatically disqualify individuals who have not turned 18 yet. This is because before the age of 18, a person’s quality of vision tends to fluctuate. Hormonal imbalances have much to do about this. This experiencing vision impairments because of diabetes and similar diseases are also not viable candidates for LASIK eye surgery. The W Eye Clinic will most likely ask about your prescriptions from the last 3-5 years to assess the stability of your vision.

Do you engage in contact sports? Those who engage in basketball, martial arts, boxing and other contact sports are not good candidates for LASIK surgery because they are at a higher risk of infection or permanent flap damage after surgery. During the procedure, a flap of the cornea is cut to alter the shape of the cornea. This is done to correct any vision impairment. There is another procedure called surface abalation which may be more suitable for those who actively engage in contact sports.

What is your corneal thickness and shape? There is another case called Keratoconus wherein the individual suffers from a cone-like cornea. This also makes them unfit candidates for LASIK surgery because the procedure could be too risky, and could entail more harm than good. Those whose corneas are also too thin might not be able to undergo the procedure. Again, this is because the risk outweighs the benefits of the procedure. These will be assessed during your screening.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Hormonal imbalances which happen during pregnancy and when a woman is breastfeeding may make ones vision unstable. It can also affect the dryness of one’s eyes. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are not viable candidates for LASIK surgery. Besides, the painkillers which are required prior to the procedure can be harmful for the pregnancy, or the baby receiving the mother’s milk.

Do you have dry eyes? Conditions which make patients have dry eyes need to be addressed prior to the surgery. On the other side of the coin, those whose tear ducts seem to be producing too much tears won’t be viable for the operation either. This is why a thorough consultation with the eye surgeon at W Eye Lasik Surgery Clinic Singapore is necessary before a patient is deemed a good candidate for the procedure.

W Eye Lasik Surgery Clinic Singapore provides quality specialist eye care that has set new standards in the country. Book an appointment now and find out if LASIK is the best option for you.