a girl using an e cigarette

When it comes to choosing an E – cigarette for personal use, an obvious question arises regarding battery of an e-cigarette.  E-cigarette is now sold worldwide and there are its multiple manufacturers. Differnet manufacturers make e-cigarettes with different criteria. Thus the battery life of an e-cigarette ranges  in sizes and quality from each other.

a girl using an e cigarette

In general division, 900 mAh batteries are sufficient for producing 800 puffs (works for 8-10 hrs), a 650 Mah battery is capable to produce 400 puffs (works for 6-8 hrs) and 1100 mAh battery is good enough for 1000 puffs (works for 12 hrs).  The number of puff production is merely an estimation, since all batteries are different from each other so the puff production will also differ.  Thus the battery life of an e-cigarette directly goes proportional with the usage, but now as the demand has trekked up, USB chargers and car chargers are also available to keep devices fully charged. For the beginners are recommended to begin with E-Cig starter kit which comprises two batteries, so if one is used during the whole day, the other is fully charged resting for night time.

 The battery life of an e- cigarette depends a lot on how it is treated. The best way to secure the battery life is to keep it shut down when not in use.  In most of the cases, battery expires before its due time because of wastage of energy. People hardly consider shutting and open it for adequate use and so think battery gives up before its time, thus blaming the manufacturers.  Secondly, one does need to charge the batter 100% twice a day. A device that is charged even 50% can work for the most part of the day if only opened for use.  Thirdly, the external environment of vaporizer matters a lot. The cooler the external area, the safer the battery and vice versa. Charging battery for long time periods and placing in warm area will definitely affect its capability to hold a charge for long time period. Where as if the battery is placed o cool area, and is around 40% charge, it will lengthen the usage time period and also will keep its proficiency safe.

Thus a battery life of a vaporizer mainly depends on four main facts that are

  • Its capacity,
  • Its brand, whether it is local or belongs to a well known brand.
  • The number of times it is recharged and
  • Its usage and storage in cool/warm places.

E-cigarettes and other vaporizers are sensitive, they should be taken good care of for prolonged usage and pleasure.