It’s good to be highbrowed! Not only does it look good but you can browbeat your aging problems with Brow Lift Surgery. If you have low or asymmetrical brows then Brow Lift Surgery helps to correct this defect in your looks. Low drooping brows is an aging problem also whereby the heaviness of the excess loose skin on your brows droops over your upper eyelid thus impairing vision. Brow Lift Surgery can not only solve this problem but also give you back your youthful look. Drooping eyebrows and eyelids make a person look old and tired. Creases and worry lines on the forehead gives a person a frowning or angry look. Cosmetic Brow Lift Surgery, also known as forehead lifts, can rejuvenate looks and restore the alertness of the eye area.


Now, Brow Lift Surgery has become very simple and hassle-free. It is done through Endoscopic Keyhole Surgery that avoids any big incision. It’s all in a day’s work. If instructions are followed properly then the recovery time is also very less. Brow Lift Surgery is conducted as well if there is hollow in the bridge of the nose or there are furrow lines above the nose. Brow Lift Surgery is carried out in conjunction with other facial surgeries like Eyelid Surgery or alone. It is generally not advised for men because the incision mark becomes visible with receding hairline. But if there is a natural crease in the forehead skin then the scar from Brow Lift Surgery gets hidden under it.

Healing time for Brow Lift Surgery is about a week, if not less in case of endoscopic keyhole surgery. Sutures from open or classic Brow Lift Surgery are removed in a week. While the recovery time is less for endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery, if you want a more dramatic change then you have to go in for the open Brow Lift Surgery.

Tips for Better Recovery after the Brow Lift Surgery:

Þ     Some patients wear an elastic compression belt around the forehead like a headband, which holds the tissues of the operated area tightly, thus helping them to stop sagging and adapt to the new contours. It also controls swelling.

Þ     Drink plenty of water.

Þ     Have healthy low sodium diet.

Þ     Take a lot of rest and don’t try to resume your normal daily chores too soon

Þ     Keep your head in an elevated position with quite a few pillows.

Þ     Avoid medication that may aggravate swelling. Consult the doctor regarding any medication that you are on.

Brow Lift Surgery is usually performed between the age of 40 and 60 so that the skin has some elasticity to adjust to the new contours. While Botox can work well to elevate the brows at the early stages, Brow Lift Surgery provides the long-term solution. But finding excellent, experienced and expert cosmetic surgeons offering cutting-edge facial and Brow Lift Surgery is very important. Good and specialized cosmetic surgeons will not only conduct the surgery flawlessly but also guide you through the recovery process properly and caringly. The pre and post operative guidance is essential for a speedy and smooth recovery with the least scars and marks.