Manchester is known for many things: all-conquering football teams, great music, enduring television soap operas and vibrant art and gay scenes to name but a few. However, it is perhaps a certain type of style which Mancunians are most famous for these days; a confident swagger which lets everybody know where they’re from before they even stop to say ‘alright ar’ kid?’

Love them or hate them, people from Manchester – with a certain degree of justification it must be said – frequently regard themselves as being the most stylish and attractive people in the UK. Whilst the fine people of London and Liverpool will probably be the first to take issue with this claim, it has to be said that first time visitors to Manchester are often struck by the effort which locals – especially young people in and around Manchester city centre – put into their appearance.

And this is just in the daytime!

Visitors who get the chance to explore the likes of Deansgate or the Northern Quarter after dark will invariably feel under-dressed as the city’s great and the good are known for dressing up to the nines for a good night out. If it’s not hip and trendy, stylish and retro, or alternative and funky then Manchester’s super-cool night owls just aren’t interested. Any anyone who doesn’t look the part? Well, they must Southerners or – even worse – Scousers.


So why – and how – do ‘Mancs’ look so good?

Supreme confidence

Well, it could be argued that a certain amount of the Manchester je ne sais quoi can be attributed to confidence. Mancunians, perhaps more than any other people in the UK, have a deeply ingrained belief that they are about as good as it gets. Therefore they have an air of confidence about them which many people find quite irresistible. Of course, this is not an easy balancing act to pull off: confidence will make anyone look good and appear more attractive, whereas arrogance will do the complete opposite.

Personal pride

Another reason could be that Mancunians are simply more inclined to take better care of their appearance. For example, whilst people in some of the UK’s other major cities might be reluctant to improve their appearance by having cosmetic treatment done on their teeth, most young Mancs wouldn’t think twice about visiting a dentist in Manchester that provides such a service. Indeed, the fact that cosmetic dental treatments have become so widely accepted in this part of world means finding a cosmetic dentist in Manchester who will whiten teeth, create implants or fit veneers really is a very easy thing to do these days!

Does this answer the question of why Mancunians always look so good? Perhaps; perhaps not. But it does seem very coincidental that these people, with their confident swaggers and general willingness to visit a Manchester dentist at the drop of a hat continue to be the country’s de-facto fashion leaders and trendsetters.