WARNING Signs Which Show Your Hair fall Is about to Begin

Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair, close up (studio)

The greatest fear for any person is when he / she look at lot of hair strands on the comb. It is not that they come single handed, sometimes they come up by bringing the roots of hair follicles along with them. It is a thick bundle of hair that is wrapped around it. Your heart rate keeps on increasing as one after one your hair follicles comes out, but need not to worry more because you are not alone to suffer from such kind of hair loss problem.

The question arises how can you know that how much hair fall is common and what leads to baldness? To treat baldness there is only solution i.e. hair transplant. Opting for the best hair transplant in Kolkata can help you to overcome your baldness. This is the later step; you can save yourself from this kind of drastic situation, to know about the warning signs of hair loss keep reading this article further.

1.Hair Thinning:

This is the most common and first step to hair fall, whereas hair thinning mostly goes un noticed. When you wave your hand and actually feel your scalp then thinning comes into notice.

2.Circular Patches or Bald Spots:

You can observe circular patches that reveal your scalp, especially from the back side of your scalp. Whereas, in some of the cases skin might get itchy or really painful when you lose your hair. This can be one of the warning sign you must be aware off

3.Sudden hair loss:

There is hesitation when you share your hair loss problem with any of your friend or relative. You even feel embarrassed when you comb your hair in front of them, because each time you do that there are bundles of hair coming out in your hair.

4.Receding Hairline:

Receding hair line simply signifies that your hair is working its far back as it wanted to in your scalp. You would not preferably see yourself in the mirror. You might observe your hair running out and simultaneously your peace may also vanish.

5.Losing Hair In Shower:

To lose hair in shower is normal. Everyone loses it, but losing lots of hair than normal is matter of worry. If your hair is making an obstacle to drain down the water from the bathroom, then it may be high time for you to take some strict action against it.

6.Hair loss Due To Stress Or Illness:

Once in your life time you might have noticed hair fall because of tension or stress.  Hair falls at the time of your periods in quite a normal thing. But if the hair fall persists even after your illness then you must consider it as a call of action.

7.Habit of Hair Pulling:

If you are fully free and for time pass you watch TV, read a novel then your hands might not be free, they goes straight away to your head and start mingling up and you don’t come to know about it. By the time you realize there are plenty of hairs all around you. This can be the warning sign for you to stop it.

8.Hair loss On Your Pillow:

As you wake up in the morning, where you want to see beautiful sun rises, your mood gets upset when you see hair falls on your pillow. In case you don’t take care till will continue to shed. And you will keep feeling dis heartened looking at them.

9.Hairs on Your Towel:

There are many cases where you can see that there are lot of hair strands on your towel once you are out of bathroom from head bath. This can be one of the warning sign to take care of your hair and it should not be neglected.

What Can U do for it?

Have little Mercy on Your Hair:

From the day you came to this planet, your hair has seen all if’s and buts’. It has always protected your scalp, by giving beautiful and pretty look. But for styling them do not ever use blow dryers or any other heating objects, at least have some mercy on your hair. In another case, if you even see any white or grey hair on your scalp, don’t hurry to dye you hair with chemical based colours, as it will even make rest of your hair go white or grey.

Stop Over-styling:

Styling your hair is OK, but styling it over then required can lead your hair to shed. Over styling your hair can bring your hair fall even more. Tight pony tail, plaits, corn rows or any other hair style might hurt your hair. So it is recommended to bring the damage under control.