Hair Salons

Finding a hair salon should never be a challenge. You want to sit down in front of the stylist with the utmost confidence. When you find yourself in Norway, you should look for someone who can provide you with the style you want. This means being able to effectively communicate the look you desire.

If you aren’t sure what look you want, you should talk with the stylist. Find out what they recommend based on the length of your hair, the coarseness, and even the shape of your face. Choosing a top salon allows you to get a great look. It can make it easier for you to enjoy your vacation in Norway, confidently walk into a job interview, and so much more.

Adam Og Eva

Adam Og Eva

is one of the premier hair salons in Norway. One of the ways that they stand out is by having their very own school and academy. They have been teaching people how to be hairdressers since 1986 – and they have won awards internationally.

Appointments can be made in one of the dozens of salons that are operated across Norway. It makes it easy to find a location that is convenient to where you are staying. The array of services also ensures that you can achieve any desired look. Cuts, coloring, and styling are available. Additionally, there are hairdressers that can handle coloring lashes and eyebrows, cutting bears, and even offering ear piercing.

It ensures that with Adam Og Eva, you can step out in style once you have visited any of their salons.

Beauty House AS

Beauty House

is based in Stavanger, Norway to ensure that men and women have access to plenty of hair and beauty services. Beyond basic hairdressing services, you can look forward to beard styling, hair updos, and even hair straightening. Additionally, there are stylists who have been trained to offer henna eyebrow tinting and shaping.

If you are looking for a way to be bold, Beauty House AS has talented hairdressers that can help with hair tattoos, hair coloring, and more. Further, Beauty House offers an array of spa services that include manicures, pedicures, and paraffin baths.

Oslo Hair & Beauty

Oslo Hair & Beauty

is based in Oslo, Norway. They believe that hair can be perfect, and they expect all of their hairdressers to deliver quality skills to make a difference. There are both stylists and barbers, ensuring that both men and women can get the hair services that they need.

The salon has been in place for over 7 years, with many of the talented stylists having been there since the beginning. Many identify themselves as stylists, color masters, and designers, ensuring that any vision that you have for your hair can be carried out properly and with the highest level of confidence.

Escape Hairdressing AS

Escape Hairdressing

, based conveniently in the heart of Oslo, is dedicated to helping its clientele achieve a style that is worthy of a photo shoot. They combine innovation with creativity and technical skills in order to achieve brilliant hair designs.

A variety of services are offered at Escape Hairdressing that includes cut, color, brow and lashes, and hair extensions. They collaborate with men, women, and children, ensuring that you can bring the whole family when it’s time for a new hairstyle.

A full blog is maintained by the salon, too, making it easy to learn about various tips and tricks regarding hair maintenance.

Choose the Style That’s Right for You

Haircuts and colors are extremely personal. They help to represent your personality. The haircut and color you choose should be carried out by a professional. It’s all the more reason why you need to choose a reliable and trusted salon in Norway.

Knowing what you want is half the battle. Take the time to browse through various hairstyles. Decide on a color that coordinates with your complexion. You should also determine how much time you want to spend styling your hair every day.

Once you know what kind of treatments you’ll need to achieve your desired look, find a salon that can take care of it all. Talk with your hairdresser so you can sit back and relax knowing that you’ll look amazing by the time they are done.