BURN THE BELLY – RUN OR WALKIf going to the gym is not an option for you, put on your shoes and hit the road. But wait, should you run a mile or should you just go for a brisk walk? What would be suitable for you, and most importantly, what will be most effective in melting away all the fat from your belly? Honestly, each one has its own share of benefits and both are pretty economic options too when you compare them to an expensive gym membership. And if you live in a place like Florida you will have the weather in your stride for most of the days throughout the year. While you must visit a healthcare center (consider Trinity if that’s closer to you) and consult a doctor before beginning any workout routine, this blog will give you a fair idea about how running and walking can help your weight-loss goal. Let’s begin by answering some important questions.

Importance of Physical Fitness

As long as the exercise you are doing is keeping your muscles supple and helping you to get rid of calories, keep on doing them. But, if you are looking for something that is more impactful on your body then go for either walking or running. Both are social activities, which means your friend can accompany you (or you can join a group) and both of you can lose weight, improve sleep, and boost your energy level together. These low-cost and round-the-year physical exercises can even control cholesterol as well as blood pressure and fight back cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. But there are certain do’s and don’ts.


This is a high-impact physical exercise and if you can do this regularly, chances of getting rid of belly fat will be fast because running helps to tone your entire body. You can burn 90 percent more calories than walking because each and every muscle in your body is in continuous motion.

However, if you have joint pain or you are excessively overweight, it is better not to opt for this activity because it increases the chances of serious injuries. The Harvard Medical School has pointed out that your body is in the air about 45 percent of the time while running. So, when it comes to rest the impact is strong enough to cause additional damages.


Being a low-impact moderately intense cardiovascular activity, walking can increase both your heart and breathing rates. Unlike walking, it does not put excessive stress on your joints. So, if you are looking for an impactful, yet less challenging cardiovascular activity, then this is the ideal form of exercise to lose belly fat.

However, if you have chosen walking over running, then make sure you are not taking a casual stroll. The fat around your belly can only go away if you walk at an increased pace (try to maintain a 3 to 4 miles per hour speed) and for a particular distance. But being a low intensity exercise, it takes time to show result.

Many believe that walking burns more fats than running because fat is used as fuel when you are exercising at a lower intensity. But when you are increasing this intensity, like while running, more carbohydrates from your body are used to fuel the exercise. There is another difference. If you walk at 4 mph for 30 minutes, you will burn 187 calories. In case you of running the calorie burn will be 365. That being said, it is also true that calorie-burn is not the sole deciding factor. You must consider your preferences because that is what will keep you going. Visit a healthcare center in Trinity or a location that’s closer to you to discuss your options. You will soon be on your way to the perfect weight-loss routine.