Top 8 Benefits of Carbohydrate Supplements

Carbohydrate Supplements

Carbohydrates are most important source of energy for metabolism. It is known as saccharine in Biochemistry and is divided into four chemical components such as Mono, Di, Oligo and Polysaccharides. While the former both are known as simple sugars and the latter both are called complex sugars. Composed of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen, Carbohydrates are organic molecules. It is broken down to glucose before it works. When body does not require glucose, the Carbohydrate gets converted into glycogen and is used when required after getting reconverted to glucose.

Carbohydrate Supplements

Benefits of Carbohydrate Supplement

Carbohydrate is the most important fuel source for exercise. It is helpful especially during prolonged and high intensity exercise. When this is inadequate to meet the need of energy during training program, it results in fatigue, loss of immunity and low work level. Exactly how much of this required is dependent upon intensity, duration and frequency of the performance. It is also very much important to see the timing and amount of carbohydrate intake. Available in various forms in the market, the best carbohydrate supplement is beneficial in following ways:

  • The carbohydrate supplements are essential for those involved in exercise or body building. The intake of carbohydrate supplements improves the performance and increases the duration of exercise.
  • Carbohydrates help in muscle growth and when the stored glycogen releases insulin, which helps protein synthesis by making it faster.
  • It is essential during high intensity exercise. It is digested faster and causes greater insulin spike. It is good to take glycemic supplemental carbs such as dextrose or maltose before, after or during performance. Dextrose helps in this whereas maltose is used for those who are non-sugar.
  • It is used mostly by marathon runners to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles. By consuming it in a small amount a week prior to performance, the body increases more glycogen than usual.
  • There are numerous instances of Carbohydrate supplements being helpful for muscular strength, muscular power and muscular endurance during short rest intervals. Therefore, carbohydrate supplements are the primary fuel source over the course of resistance exercise session.
  • Exercise mediated depletion of muscle glycogen results in an increased reliance on an increased slower process of blood glucose uptake as a carbohydrate supplements. The performance of high intensity, short-duration exercise depends on the ATP.
  • During repetition of exercise, glycogen plays an important role in maintaining muscle ATP content. Daily carbohydrate consumption should account for 55 to 65 percentage of caloric intake in anaerobic athletes.
  • One hour of high intensity aerobic exercise decreases liver glycogen by about 55 percent. The general recommended carbohydrate varies tremendously depending on the totally dietary caloric intake.


When used accurately, carbohydrate supplements increase muscle growth, reduces muscle loss and enhances metabolism. The study on carbohydrate intake is most important study these days and has been a topic of research by various scientists. Carbohydrate drinks are traditionally used by athletes on the spot during performance. The usefulness of it is understood to the sportsmen, body builders, athletes and so to the manufacturers, that’s how it is becoming popular.