supplement to improve concentration and focus

Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, which means it can be produced by the human body naturally; you do not have to take foods rich in tyrosine before you can have an adequate amount of this amino acid for various functions in the body.  Be that as it may, the inability of the body to produce adequate tyrosine required for producing protein will cause tyrosine deficiency and you can only replenish the deficient amino acid by taking it through the diet.

Check below for the series of benefits derivable from this amino acid

Depression treatment

Studies show that l-tyrosine can treat depression and improve the mood.  A 30-year-old woman suffering from depression responded positively to treatment when given l-tyrosine therapy.  The improvement was also recorded in patients given the placebo treatment; however, the depression came back in this second group of patients.

Also, patients having low norepinephrine and dopamine levels recorded a positive response after l-tyrosine therapy. This is one of the most outstanding tyrosine benefits ever recorded. Bear in mind, however, that not all forms of depressions respond positively to tyrosine therapy since not all cases of depression are due to l-tyrosine deficiency.

Attention deficit disorder treatment

Additionally, taking tyrosine supplement can improve concentration and focus. As a result, it can improve attention deficiency disorder. A clinical study involving 12 adults with ADD recorded positive results after tyrosine therapy for 12 weeks.  Eight of the patients recovered fully after six weeks of undergoing the tyrosine therapy.  Conclusively, l-tyrosine can recover impaired neurotransmitter energy production.

Involved in thyroid hormone secretion

One other benefit of using tyrosine supplement is seen in the production of thyroid hormone, a hormone involved in the repair of damaged cells in the human body.  Thyroid hormones help the body to generate adequate energy for fighting stress. It can equally help in generating new cells.  Also, chicks administered with tyrosine could grow healthier than those that are not given the therapy.

Parkinson’s disease treatment

Furthermore, tyrosine is reliable for treating Parkinson disease. 9 patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease recorded an increase in their homovanillic acid concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid. An increase in l-tyrosine and homovanillic acid can improve Parkinson’s disease.

Mood improvement

Mood elevation is one of the many tyrosine benefits worthy of mentioning. The amino acid can increase your mood, especially during the cold season. A study supporting this was carried out in Antarctica and the participants recorded a 47% improvement in mood after taking l-tyrosine over the summer and winter months on a regular basis.