Anabol being an androgenic, anabolic steroid and a variant of testosterone helps users to enhance their strength, performance and muscle mass. This steroid can be used for the duration of 4- 6 weeks. There was a doctor in US who was working with weight lifting team and he is man behind creation of this steroid.

His name is Bob Zeigler. He always wished that his team beats European team because they were winning lot of games at that time. After this Anabol started gaining popularity and then made available in local pharmacies as well. It was liked by almost all athletes.

When used by athletes Anabol 10 mg tablets helps in gaining muscle and loosing fat both at the same time. But good thing is it plays its anabolic nature when there is protein synthesis.

Anabol 10 mg tablets:

When it comes to performance enhancing, Anabol is the best choice. It is very effective both for muscle gain and healing soon after the cutting cycles. It is better to use this steroid in an anabolic cycle. It is recommended to use at most for 6 weeks and not more than that. If it is used for longer there is a chance that tolerance may get developed.


Anabol is considered as one among the safest and very effective anabolic steroids available today. Along with its performance enhancing properties it is popular for its property to improve the durability which is required after a bulking cycle. Anabol is a 17a-alkylated steroid compound which must be utilized in less than 6 weeks cycle.

This steroid can have impact on the body at most for 6-8 hours and it will stay in the body for at least 5- 6 weeks. Since it is effective both in nitrogen retention as well as protein synthesis, it helps the athletes to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. But when protein breaks down it remains as an anabolic steroid. When it comes to building muscles, Anabol 10 mg is preferred when compared to testosterone. It is also effective in growing muscle tissue and reducing the affinity to SHBG when compared to testosterone.

When we consider increasing the performance anabol is the best. It supports in managing strong and hard workouts to long longer. It makes athletes stronger. When same dosage is considered this steroid is more effective than Anadrol as well but it is less harmful.


The general recommended dose for Anabol is 50 mg to 150 mg if it is taken as injection. If we consider oral dosage then it must be 25 mg to 50 mg a day. Without the doctor’s recommendation girls or women should not use this steroid. It should be avoided by nursing and pregnant women. If a person is sensitive to methandrostenolone and its variants then he should avoid taking Anabol.

An individual should not take higher doses of Anabol than recommended. If done it will definitely result in anabolic steroid abuse and lead to adverse side effects like man boobs, acne, and hypertension.