The Ls116t premolar forceps is considered to be one of the best tools for dentists in the market and this is definitely did not happen by chance. Every dentist knows that they need the right tools for the job each time and in fields where the Ls116t premolar forceps might be needed, it shines. Here are a few reasons why it simply is the best in the market and how it beats its competitors.

  • It is made up of high quality steel

When it comes to quality steel, there is no doubt that the Ls116 t premolar forceps uses nothing but the highest quality which not only helps to justify its price tag but it also ensures that it will have a long term shelf life. Having steel that is of high quality also benefits the dentist in that it gives a perfect sense of balance and weight so it makes for any teeth pulling to be that much easier.

Obviously any pair of forceps being used on a patient should be cleansed and be rid of any bacteria before being used on the next patient. Typically elimination of germs is done by soaking the tool itself into boiling water or dipped into other cleansing liquid. Lower quality steel will discolor very fast so the last thing your patients would want to see is a pair of forceps that looks yellow or worse, rusty. The Ls116t premolar forceps doesn’t exhibit these signs simply by being exposed to high temperatures.

  • You get what you pay for

Often price becomes an issue for dentists because they may think there’s no different between a pair of forceps that cost $100 and one that costs $200 however this isn’t’ always true. While there are obviously many other brands of forceps that are cheaper than the Ls116t premolar forceps but the fact is that you get what you pay for in return.

The main reason why so many dentists prefer the Ls116t premolar forceps is simply because it offers them the best value for the price they pay. Not only is the forceps well designed for easy use, it is also balanced in both weight and grip which makes for any dentist using it to do their job s with ease.

Make no mistake about it, if you are considering which type of forceps to purchase the next time around, you should always reserve the top spot in your mind for the Ls116t premolar forceps. You will not regret it.