HGH (human auxin) is a protein secreted by the anterior pituitary of the human pituitary and consists of 191 amino acid molecules. It has the function of regulating all organs and cells of the human body. HGH (human auxin) plays an important role in regulating cell metabolism, controlling cell gene replication and protein synthesis, maintaining human brain damage, maintaining the normal functioning of the brain and the immune system. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) is a growth factor that is transformed into HGH (human auxin) with blood into the liver. It is a substance that acts directly on cells and organs.

What is HGH human auxin

The source of human life and the generation of aging are derived from the human body HGH (human growth hormone) secretion. Because HGH (human auxin) guides the basic material that constitutes life – cells. How the cell’s own vitality is tied to its uptake of amino acids and proteins, and the key factor in determining this intake is HGH (human auxin). HGH (human auxin) strong secretion of cells on the amino acid and protein intake is high, otherwise low. Therefore, HGH (human auxin) is a veritable cell control, control of the body’s growth and development, metabolism. Therapy for congenital GH deficiency.

HGH (human auxin) in the body of the secretion with age changes and shows a huge difference. Kid and puberty, the body daily HGH (human auxin) secretion reached the peak of life. Thus, human development at this stage develops fast, energetic, strong physique, body symmetry, smooth and delicate skin. 18 years of age began to gradually reduce to 25 years of age when the body daily HGH (human growth hormone) secretion is only 35% of puberty, with age is still decreasing. This is your decline in immunity, fatigue, body changes, skin dry wrinkles inelastic and thus the performance of aging.

HGH (human auxin) to reduce the reasons:

By increasing the age of the brain to promote hypothalamic secretion of somatostatin (SKIF auxin inhibitory factor) increasing, hinder the pituitary secretion of HGH (human growth hormone). The growth hormone (GHRH) secreted by the hypothalamus of the brain is produced by the self-feedback cycle. With the increase of age, the signal of the GHRH team is slow to respond, and it is also the reason for the decrease of HGH (human auxin) secretion.

HGH (human auxin) daily secretion, the secretion of the peak is (10 pm to 2 am). If you miss this sleep time, you cannot get the natural secretion of human HGH (human growth hormone) So that the original secretion has been reduced HGH (human auxin) more difficult for the human body to use.

The origin of HGH / HGH human growth hormone editor

 Human growth hormone has always been the human brain pituitary secretion of material, said “development history” refers to its discovery, application and today a large number of anti-aging process for the development. Scientists first discovered that human pituitary gland secretion of human auxin was in 1920, but has never been applied in medical practice.