mother teaching kid teeth brushing in bathroom

As far as the care of the primary teeth of your kids is concerned, there is no better time than going to practice oral hygiene. The pediatric dentists in Mumbai ensure, that your primary teeth are healthy and stay clear of any form of decay along with dental diseases.

Good oral hygiene starts from the stage of infancy. Be it the stage of bottle feeding the sooner it is possible It is better to incorporate some form of dental hygiene. Before the tooth forms it is important to wipe the gums with a soft wash cloth. Once the teeth set in try to keep them as clean as possible. The right set of tools is necessary to incorporate this type of schedule. In this regard, it is suggested that you go on to purchase a toothbrush for kids which has a special designed head for their tiny mouth.

If you have not done so, ensure that your child has their first visit to the dentist by the time they are one or two years of age. They will go on to remove the plague along with food debris which may be stuck up in the teeth. This is an important part of dental care as it prevents bacteria from piling up, that can pave way for other form of dental diseases. The visit to a dentist should be a fun filled activity rather than for any form of tooth related activity.

Though most of the babies do not start getting teeth till they are 6 months old, yet dental care is indeed important from the beginning. The dentist suggests an earlier visit for the kids so that their gums or teeth are cared for in a proper manner. There are some things that you can expect during the stages of infancy which are

  • Teething- between 3 to 9 months, the baby teeth of your infant will start to develop. This stage will make your kids fussy and may lead to a loss of appetite
  • Baby bottle tooth decay- this occurs due to the acid formed by bacteria on the teeth from sugar in beverages or food. This can lead to the formation of a cavity. Most of the pediatric surgeon in Mumbai is flooded with such type of cases to be honest.
  • Pacifier- Sucking is a common occurrence in the first few years of the life of a kid. It provides them with a sense of comfort when they no longer need the stage of breastfeeding

When you go on to visit a professional dentist, they will provide you vital tips on how to take care of the teeth of your kids in the comfort of the home. The advice would include on how to brush or floss your teeth along with additional information based on the specific needs of the teeth of the child.

Another area of discussion would mean the eating habits of kids and what can be done to protect the teeth or gums of the kids. On a general level parent should ask the kids to stay from foods rich in sugar or starch. In addition to this a kid should never go to sleep with a bottle of juice in their mouth as the primary teeth of your baby is important.