There are numerous procedures for destroying and removing fat cells, ideal for you with pockets of fats not responding well to your healthy living. Because of that, often, it becomes difficult to choose the best treatment solution depending on your body’s needs. Before you go for your Dayton CoolSculpting, below are the main differences between the procedure and Warm Sculpting.

The difference in temperature levels

CoolSculpting relies on a lower temperature to freeze and permanently damage fat cells. An applicator uses cooling plates, which it applies to the particular area being treated to lower the temperature of the fat cells. After killing the fat cells, they are made available for removal from your body via natural mechanisms, including sweating.

On the other hand, Warm Sculpting relies on a higher temperature to extinguish fat cells existing in an area they are not needed. The fat cells are then eliminated from the body via the lymphoid system, which is an organ system that complements the immune and circulatory systems.

Because Warm Sculpting utilizes reasonably high temperatures, the fat reduction technique may not be comfortable, especially if your skin is delicate. Still, the procedure reduces the uneasiness and pain you may experience by incorporating a cooling mechanism in its build.

Differences in the treatment area covered

CoolSculpting is much more effective in treating one body location or part at a time. The chilling effect can only be targeted or applied to the areas attached to the paddle.

On the contrary, the Warm Sculpting procedure can be applied concurrently to four distinct body locations. Since the technique uses a laser device, your specialist will direct the rays emitted at the fat cells directly exposed to the applicator. The result is that fat cells in the border of the applicator also suffer from heating and elimination, leading to superior results and the transitions between affected spots to be more even.

The differences in technology

CoolSculpting works by fat freezing, a term known commonly as cryolipolysis. When the excess accumulation of fat cells is eliminated and reduced due to freezing, you benefit from smoother, compact skin.

Although Warm Sculpting also produces the same results, it works by relying on heating fat cells courtesy of the laser innovation.

Both CoolSculpting and Warm sculpting are treatment options with minimal dangers and recovery time. You may only get a little tenderness and inflammation after the procedures. Still, you will be in an excellent position to continue with your daily tasks immediately.

Also, remember that whatever treatment solution you pick is not a substitute for physical exercise and healthy eating. Like almost every solution, for getting rid of stubborn body fat, you must still eat foods promoting fat burning and reduction like eggs, green tea, chili peppers, and fatty fish.

The key to having routine exercises is to choose to participate in activities that you find entertaining. Exercises for weight loss may include yoga, swimming, walking, cycling, and rope jumping.

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