Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrows give your face a shape structure. If you do not have them, people will easily notice, and you will become conscious of gazes. There are times you shed the eyebrows or have them plucked out for beauty needs. If a large proportion of the hairs in the eyebrows get lost, you will need to draw your eyebrows, which requires constant skill and attention. You will need a replacement procedure to avoid the hustle of always drawing your eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant Austin ensures you regain the lost hair in your brows. Therefore in this article, you will learn whether you qualify for the procedure or not.

Achieve Beauty Goals

You might consider the brow transplant to achieve your beauty goals. For instance, maybe you were born with sparsely distributed brows, and you always desired fuller brows. You can achieve this desire by consulting your cosmetic surgeon on the procedure. Also, maybe you went to an unqualified beautician for brow shaping, and they plucked much of the hair. You can also benefit from the procedure. The effect of the treatment is that you will have the perfect set of eyebrows over a prescribed period.

Get Natural Looking Brows

The advancement of the beauty industry has led to the development of eye pencils and tattoos. Today, if you want a perfect brow, you will draw and shape them in the comfort of your home or have it done at a beauty shop. After you take down the makeup, you will remain with the imperfect brows you tried covering using makeup. Also, some beauty spas offer brow tattoos that allow you to have perfectly shaped brows for several years. After the end of the prescribed years, the tattooed brows fade and leave you with the same brow issue. Therefore, going natural through a brow transplant will allow you to have permanent brows that will serve you for an entire lifetime.

Accidents and Injuries

You might have lost some part of your brow to an accident. You were involved in a motor vehicle accident or fight, and you got hit on the face, and after healing, you discover part or all the brow is non-existent. Injuries can also cause scarring in the eyebrow area, inhibiting your perfect image. Also, fire can contribute to hair loss on your brow. You can benefit greatly from the transplant procedure if you fall under this category. The doctor will harvest the hairs from a donor site and transplant them to the areas without hair.

Medical Conditions

It might be that you have seen a person who tends to pull hair. These people suffer from trichotillomania which is a mental condition. If they heal from the condition and have plucked the hair on the brow area, they can undergo the transplant. Also, cancer causes people to lose hair on the head and brows. The eyebrow transplant can help them have brows again after healing from cancer.

Therefore, various categories of people benefit from the eyebrow transplant procedure. If you live in Austin, Texas, you can visit Pearce Plastic surgery with skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. They will replace every hair and monitor your healing to ensure successful results. You can book your appointment today.