Dental Implants

Having missing teeth can negatively affect your confidence and discourage you from smiling. Tooth loss may occur due to plaque and tartar accumulation, poor dental hygiene, gum disease, and tooth decay. Fortunately, dental implants Irvine may help you restore your missing teeth and improve your smile.

Here are some convincing reasons to choose dental implants;

1. Preserve bone volume

Having empty, toothless gaps in the jawbone may promote bone deterioration due to the absence of stimulation. Furthermore, if the space left by the extraction is not filled within a year, the bone region loses up to 25 percent of its volume and will progressively degenerate over time.

Dental implants, which restore stimulation and prevent bone loss in the jaw, are strongly suggested to avoid this.

2. Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

One of the most significant benefits of implants over other cosmetic tooth replacement options is that they mimic the natural feel of natural teeth. Some people who have had the operation cannot tell the difference between natural teeth and implants, making it simple for you to adapt.

3. Dental implants may keep your face from sagging

Another terrible side effect of jawbone loss is facial drooping. The distance between the chin and the nose will steadily narrow as the lower third of the face begins to collapse due to bone loss.

other noticeable changes include:

  • A large number of fine lines all around mouth
  • Lips will start to thin.
  • The chin becomes enlarged or excessively pointed.
  • The face will appear to be older.

After the mouth has fully healed from tooth extraction procedures, a dental implant can be used to fill empty spaces.

4. They Help Improve Your Appearance

Losing teeth may frequently discourage someone from smiling. In addition, it makes the individual self-conscious and lowers their confidence. A dental implant provides you the capacity to smile with a complete set of natural-looking teeth, making your smile seem brilliant, and helping you to create a positive impression.

5. They are easy to maintain

Some dental restoration options sometimes need you to purchase specialized and expensive materials for cleaning them. In addition, you must be extremely careful when cleaning them; otherwise, you risk injuring your dental equipment.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are easy to keep clean. This implies you may simply clean them through routine brushing and the use of common oral care products and equipment like mouthwash, dental floss, and toothpaste.

6. Prevents teeth misalignment

Having spaces in your jaw line may cause other teeth to slant to the right or left. This constant change of posture will ultimately lead to Misalignment.

Misaligned teeth may cause a variety of oral issues, including:

  • Causing tiny gaps between teeth to form, allowing germs to grow, and ultimately causing gum diseases
  • Impairing your capacity to pronounce words
  • Putting stress on other teeth, resulting in wear and tear

Dental implants may help you maintain your teeth straight, preventing the forenamed issues.

Dental implants have many benefits. They have the appearance and feel of natural teeth, may increase your confidence, are long-lasting, convenient, and promote your overall dental health. They also help to boost your pronunciation and chewing capabilities.

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