Drug Treatment

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease can have many different symptoms, and it the treatment usually depends on the severity of those symptoms. For example, you have the acoustic wave therapy that has worked in many different cases.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

The curvature of the penis, which is known as Peyronie’s disease, is a condition that makes a penis bend in an unnatural way. It forms a scar tissue under the skin of the penis which hardens and cases that bend. In some cases, the Peyronie’s disease comes and goes unnoticed, while in others it will result in pain.

If you feel pain when you have an erection or during intercourse, call your doctor

If you feel pain during an erection or even intercourse, you should get that checked immediately. Do not wait for the condition to worsen before seeing a doctor since the Peyronie’s disease can cause a lot of unbearable pain.


There are two different treatments, the drug and home remedies and the surgical one. Usually, the surgical treatment will not be necessary, as your doctor will suggest you wait at least a year before having the surgery.

During that period, you will get to test out different treatments that have worked in the past. For example, you can have a penile injection, called the Xiaflex, that has helped many patients with Peyronie’s disease.

Surgical procedure

Those who have Peyronie’s disease can also result in symptoms that are severe, causing them unbearable pain, in which case your doctor will advise that you have the surgery. Those who have erectile dysfunction or are unable to maintain an erection will first be treated for that before they get treated for Peyronie’s disease.

Plication (making the long side shorter)

There is a surgical treatment option that will help straighten the penis curvature and it includes a plication procedure where the long side will be shortened. One way this can be accomplished is to place a non-absorbable placating suture (in tunica albuginea), which is opposite of the curvature to be able to straighten the penis.

The advantages of this method are that the correction includes technical ease and it decreases dissection together with the operative time. However, the disadvantage is that if the suture breaks, the curvature might reoccur.

There are many drug treatments that can help with this condition

This surgery will start with a circumcision (to de-glove the penis), as this way it will expose the tunica albuginea together with the blood vessels and the sensitive nerves adherent to the tunica. With fine specialized instruments and optical magnification, these structures will be carefully dissected away from the Tunica.

After that, the patient will be given an artificial erection, with the saline that will be rapidly infused into the spongy tissue that is located inside your penis as the compression is applied under your scrotum which will restrict the outflow.

The plications will be made permanent with a small oval shape created together with a two-layer closure which is made using an absorbable suture that will eventually dissolve. The penis skin will then be “degloved” with the help of circumcising incisions that are exposing the neurovascular bundles.

Final word

This is just a brief description of what will happen during the surgery, but do not forget; the surgery is almost never needed. So, if you need a surgery for peyronie’s disease, you should first consult your doctor and see if there is any other way instead.