Testing For Covid-19 Disease

After covid-19 disease emerged, most people lived in fear because they were afraid of contracting the deadly disease. The condition is dangerous in that even after recovering, several other new strains also emerge, making it difficult to provide curative treatment for the condition. That is why most people are advised to regularly go for testing to help know their state of health. Therefore, if you want to know if you got covid-19, Ham Lake nasal swab allows your specialists to collect the specimen for antigen testing to ensure you get quick and accurate results. Below is all you should know concerning antigen testing for covid-19.

What are antigen tests?

Generally, antigen tests help detect virus proteins responsible for causing covid-19. It is commonly used when respiratory specimens of covid-19 like nasal swabs are needed.

What does a positive antigen test mean?

When your health care specialist says your antigen test is positive, you have covid-19 because the protein from the virus responsible for causing the disease was present in the sample. In this case, you are more likely to be isolated to avoid spreading the virus to other people. Of importance to note is that there are few chances that the test can give a false-positive result or a positive result that is wrong. There is no need to worry because the care providers in the facility will work with you to determine the best care based on your results, symptoms, and medical history.

What is the meaning of a negative antigen test result?

A negative test result is typically the opposite of a positive result because, in this case, the virus’s proteins responsible for causing the disease are absent. That means they were not in the sample. Unlike positive results, the test can give a false negative, which might not be correct for people having covid-19. You might also have covid-19 even if your test results are negative. Therefore, if your results are negative, your specialists will compare your results with your medical history, including the symptoms, to help you with the best care.

Generally, the amount of antigen present in your sample may decrease if you have had the symptoms of an infection for a long time. It is because specimens collected after you have experienced symptoms for seven days or more are likely to turn negative compared to a molecular assay. Hence, you are required to work with your health care specialist to help determine the next step to take.

What is the difference between antigen tests and other diagnostic tests for covid-19?

Normally, various tests confirm if you have the covid-19 disease, including molecular and antigen tests. Antigen tests aim at detecting virus proteins and are very specific but not as effective or sensitive as molecular tests. On the other hand, molecular tests usually detect the genetic material from the virus.

Covid-19 is a deadly condition; if proper treatment is not given, it might result in death. Therefore, if you have been tested and your results are negative and are interested in confirming that you do not have the disease, you can get started by calling or consulting GatherWell COVID testing specialists today.