stay healthy

Let’s face it: long haul flights are a drag and no one thinks they are fun, but with a few simple tips, you can stay comfortable, healthy and arrive ready to enjoy your holiday. In today’s article, AXA PPP International, list seven ways to make a long haul flight more comfortable and ultimately healthier. Enjoy! Plan Ahead Take advantage of the early online check-in. This is the best time to check for open seats in the exit row and bulkhead. Many experienced travellers use SeatGuru to find the best seat—which seats have more legroom, which seats to avoid because they don’t recline. Get to the airport early. It’s much less stressful to get through the pat down at security and be at your gate ready to go than waiting till the last minute. Once you’re in the terminal don’t sit down. Do laps and walk as much as you can before boarding. Remember you are getting ready to be stuck in a small confined space for hours on end. Enjoy the freedom to roam while you can.

stay healthy

Carry On Wisely Don’t be that passenger who carries on the maximum bags allowed stuffed to the breaking point full of useless kit. To keep your experience stress-less yet comfortable bring a small carry-on with only the essentials—enough to get you past the first 24 hours at your destination if your luggage is lost.

Dress Comfortably Don’t let vanity get the better of you; ditch the suits, heels, skinny jeans and tight anything that could impede blood flow or cause your ankles to swell. Instead opt for comfortable loose fitting clothing. The temperature on aircraft – particularly on overnight flights – tends to fluctuate wildly so layering is the key.

Synchronise Once you board the plan begin the gradual process of adjusting to the destination’s time zone. Synchronise your watch to the destination and start mentally resetting your brain to that time. If you’re flying east, make every effort you can to sleep on the plane while it’s night time at your destination. While jetlag is inevitable on any long haul adventure, the better rested you are, the easier it will be for your body to rebound.

Keep Hydrated It is easy to become dehydrated as the air inside a plane cabin is very dry, so make sure to drink plenty of water. It’s the main reason most people experience jet lag.
You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: avoid alcohol, high sodium foods and soft drinks. Hydrate your body and try herbal tea as an alternative to water. Carry your own water bottle with you and ask the flight attendant to fill it when they serve meals or snacks. Bring your own meals and snacks with you from home. If you’re drinking frequently, you’ll be forced to get up and use the bathroom, thus stretching and moving around.

Don’t Neglect Your Skin Long haul flights are known to take a toll on one’s appearance. Make sure you arrive looking your best by hydrating your skin at regular intervals throughout the flight. Invest in some high quality natural spritzer spray enriched with essential oils to keep you looking your best.

Keep Moving It’s imperative that you exercise especially during long- haul flights. The more you move the more you prevent the formation of blood clots. Stretch the legs every hour by doing leg lifts on your seat or strolling along the isles. Squat and stretch during the walk as well as flexing your ankles up and down once every 90 minutes or so should keep in good shape.