Healthy Apple II

For quite some time now people have been on a drive to become healthier. As technology continues to improve and expand it should be no surprise that the emergence of apps focused on living a healthy lifestyle has really taken hold. There are plenty to choose from to help you stay focused and on track with your efforts for healthy living.

Free Apps

There are currently numerous apps worthy of consideration today. Many of them are free and most others are inexpensive. For example, Nike Training Club is a free app that promises to help users get “lean, toned and strong” through the use of their 100+ custom-designed workout routines. The app also includes “NikeFuel” and calorie data to help users eat right.

Health-conscious people can select a workout that is appropriate for their personal goal, match it with music, view results, monitor and share their progress, and earn rewards. According to their online information users can even access additional workout routines designed by pro athletes like Paula Radcliffe, Hope Solo, and Serena Williams. Users can even follow workouts created by Ary Nunez, the personal trainer of pop star Rihanna.

Users who enjoy running would enjoy the app Gipis Running. This is another free app that has multiple options. The app allows the user to create a personally designed training plan. Users can set and record goals and keep track of runs. The program is designed to adjust for the individual’s progress and will automatically update records whenever the user goes on a run.

Healthy Apple II

For health fanatics who also enjoy their electronic games, there is Teemo. Teemo is known as “the fitness adventure game.” This free app allows the user to experience assorted exercising adventures in various virtual locales such as climbing Mount Everest, hiking the Inca Trail, and sailing the Caribbean. The game also aids users in getting in shape by providing them with exercises and allowing them to share their goals and words of encouragement with others.

(Almost) Free Apps

Another popular exercise app is Map My Fitness. This is touted as the “ultimate fitness tracking app.” A user is able to track more than 600 different types of fitness and exercise activities including calories, distances, pace, running routes, etc. The app also includes audio alerts. The app can be upgraded to include even more features for $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

Gorilla Workout is a 99-cent “Fitness Aerobic” app. It provides users with more than 40 different exercises that require no equipment. The app features regular “body-weight only’ workouts that combine both strength training and cardio to help users maximize their exercise efforts in what promises to be “a short amount of time.”

Their individual routines focus on different muscle groups in order to aid the user in toning and strengthening abs, arms, back, chest, legs, and more. The creators of the app also promise users they can “melt away excess fat” without any “fancy equipment” or gym memberships. Their exercises can be done almost anywhere and they offer special “signature workouts” for an additional 99 cents each.

This is just a small sample of the health-related apps available today. So watch the diet, put on a sweat suit, lace up your athletic shoes, and get out and exercise. These apps will all serve to aid in living a happier and healthier lifestyle.