Sprained Ankle

Movement is a basic necessity in every person’s life. Despite it appearing as a necessity, you may find yourself out of the equation because of conditions that affect the legs. Most people suffer conditions such as stroke that leave them incapacitated, while others incur an ankle sprain. A sprained ankle occurs when ligaments connecting bones in the ankle area become overstretched. Precision Footcare Clinic treats sprained ankle New York, ensuring that people are back to their feet as soon as possible.

Instances when sprained ankle occurs

People often suffer from a sprained ankle. A person can suffer a sprained ankle at any time and in any location. A person can twist the ankle when walking down the stairs or on an uneven floor. Additionally, sportsmen and women suffer sprained ankles during gaming activities when they turn or roll their ankles onto its side. Furthermore, a person can suffer a sprained ankle after putting all the weight on one foot.

How Do You Know You Have A Sprained Ankle

Once a person sprains their ankle, they experience pain as they try to walk because the ankle cannot handle the weight. Besides, the sprained ankle can result in soreness and swelling around the ankle area, and one will not be able to wear their shoe comfortably. Bruising is also a common symptom of a sprained ankle. People experiencing the mentioned symptoms can manage the sprained ankle at home using home remedies, and if pain and swelling do not go down within seven days, they can seek medical intervention.

How Can One Prevent A Sprained Ankle

Exercise regularly

A person who wants to avoid a sprained ankle or recurrence of a sprained ankle can undertake exercises that can improve the flexibility of the muscles and build resilience.


People undertaking sporting activities or intense exercises should undertake warm-up exercises beforehand. The warm-up helps get rid of muscle soreness which predisposes someone to injuries.

Watching your steps

People who get regular sprained ankles and those who want to avoid a sprained ankle are encouraged to remain keen as they walk or run. People should stop assuming that they will get the next step correctly.

Rest is important

Rest ensures people improve their concentration level and reduce instances of injuries.

Shoe matter

Always wear a shoe that perfectly fits your leg size. Also, keep the shoelaces properly knotted and if it is possible, wear shoes that give your leg support. Besides, if one cannot walk correctly in heels, they should avoid them because it is the surest way of getting a sprained ankle.

Treatment Options For A Sprained Ankle

The patient suffering from a sprained ankle is encouraged to utilize home remedies for a few days. They should rest, place ice on the area, use compression techniques and keep the ankle elevated. If the sprained ankle still hurts, they should visit the Precision Footcare Center for consultation. The doctor can recommend continued home care or advise the client to use crutches or a brace and medication. If the sprain results from a damaged ligament, the doctor will recommend laparoscopic surgery.