Regaining Youthful Appearance through Face Lift and Skin Rejuvenation in Sydney, Australia


As a person keeps changing the calendar pages, the great looks he once had deteriorates. In fact, if anybody were to avoid the mirror for just one year, the person would most probably fail to recognize his own face the next time he sees it. As a result, the vast majority of people endure strenuous exercises to remain youthful while others, especially women, try make-ups to enhance their looks.

Over time, the face appears too old to be adequately improved by make ups and exercise. At this point, even literally running from Burwood to Bankstown to regain good looks would be a complete wastage of time and energy. Facial cosmetic surgery procedures then become inevitable otherwise restoration of facial appearance becomes a foregone case.

Skin Rejuvenation

Face Lifts

Ageing has become a great liability specifically in the work place for women and men alike. Face lift, technically termed as rhitydectomy, is definitely the most suitable cosmetic surgical procedure as far as improvement of facial appearance is concerned. Through face lift, sagging skin is easily eliminated and the underlying tissues are tightened.

There are several other aesthetic surgeries that are usually performed at particular parts of the face. Jointly with face lifts, these procedures target to reshape the face leading to a generally more youthful facial appearance. Examples are:

  1. a) Blepharoplasty (Eyelid lifts).

This makes the eyes look more active. It does so by tightening sagging skin around the eyelids.

  1. b) Forehead lifts

This surgically removes the frown lines resulting in smoother forehead and reduced heaviness of the eyebrows.

  1. c) Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

This surgery procedure corrects or restructures the nose. It is aimed at modifying its appearance or restoring its functionality.

For aesthetic purposes the following rhinoplasty procedures may be carried out;

– Modification of the angle in between the nose and the upper lip.

– Changing the appearance of the tip of the nosal bridge surgically.

– Reduction or increase in the nose size wholly or partially (e.g. nostril openings)

d) Jawline recontouring

This strengthens the jawline besides making it more angular.

Skin Rejuvenation

Wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin rate highly in the hierarchical list of aspects of ageing that necessitate aesthetic plastic surgeries. Although exercise and dieting are the classic means of achieving skin rejuvenation, several medical methods have been devised over time including but not limited to botox, fillers as well as resurfacing laser procedures. These modern medical means of rejuvenating the skin have since gained popularity but experts suggest that they must be used alongside exercise and dieting for good results.

The modern world regards good looks highly. Consequently, face lifts and skin rejuvenation among other aesthetic plastic surgeries have become necessities rather than luxuries. Sydney and its neighborhoods have plenty of qualified cosmetic surgeons who have specialized in one or several of these procedures. Maybe it’s high time the residents of Sydney and Australia in general looked stunning!