Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is a difficult task if you want to achieve this in a couple of days only. By changing your diet, lifestyle and incorporating physical activity in your daily routine, you can achieve a flat tummy within the stipulated time frame. In this context you are supposed to eat only recommended diet and follow those exercise strategies which are targeting your belly area. Enhancing your metabolism is the key to cut down the fat, which is accumulated around the belly.

Lose Belly Fat

Day One

You have to start by throwing out the junk food from your home and replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods which have high calories, but no nutrients will worsen the situation. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, lean beef, whole grains, beans nuts, and low-fat dairy products will help you in your health endeavors. This is your first day so cut down the carbohydrate intake and drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water. This will cleanse your system and help you to remove body fat.

Day Two

Take boiled and raw vegetables, you can also opt for chicken and vegetable soup. Do not forget to eat something at regular intervals. This will help you to stabilize your blood sugar level and increase your metabolic rate also. If you take 4 to 6 servings of fruits every day, this will also reduce the cravings for food.

Day Three

Today you can consume around 50 g of carbohydrate in your breakfast. Make sure to consume low carbohydrate diets if you want to get rid of belly fat. You can find the calorific value of different foods online. Consume whey protein and fruits, but try to stay away from fat. Consume olive oil or fish oil it has omega-3 fatty acids, which has the solubility in the blood stream.

Day Four

Today you can consume omlette, chicken and vegetables in your breakfast. Remember not to consume more than 150 g of chicken in one serving. During the day time when you feel hungry, you can eat nuts and a fistful of other seeds.

Day Five

Consume fat free milk and one or two bananas. This will provide you with the required amount of carbohydrate. Take vegetable soups and salads to ensure the supply of necessary nutrients to your body, which has the solubility in the blood stream.

Day Six

Make sure to avoid those foods which have low nutrient value and always opt for whole wheat bread.

Day Seven

You can make this a vegetarian day and eat raw vegetables as well as you can prepare the soup of green vegetables. This will help you get rid of digestive problems and do not forget to include most fibrous vegetables in your diet. Now you can go on a brisk walk for 40 minutes. Do crunches swimming and aerobic exercises also. You can change your diet, but make sure to follow the principles of weight loss. After following this diet chart for a week, you will find a noticeable change in your body and for permanent results you can continue it.