There are many natural supplements that are produced in human body, but at lower rate. One of such supplements includes 5-hydroxytryptophan. Even though this is one of the naturally produced supplements in the body, there are many things that you should consider before supplying this nootropic externally with supplements.

Working Feature of the Capsules

When 5-HTP enters the blood stream, it first crosses the blood-brain barrier, which is quite impossible for other synthetically prepared supplements. Once it enters the brain system, it will be automatically converted into serotonin. Unlike tryptophan supplements, the conversion procedure is fast and accurate. It will be then get converted into sleep regulating hormone followed by its natural procedure.

Right Dosage to Avoid Side Effects

In order to avoid overdoses of 5-HTP supplements, physicians suggest daily intake of 5-HTP of around 40 to 50mg. This is the maximum amount per day. The starting dosage might begin with 20 to 25mg based on the capacity of your body to tolerate this supplement. Even though you do not experience the expected results within first few weeks, never exceed the dosage of 60mg per day, since extended intake might result in some negative effect.


Stacking 5-HTP

5-HTP offers excellent results, when stacked with anti-anxiety and anti-depressants since these supplements complement one another with the factors that they lack, in order to offer excellent benefits for the users. However, there are some special anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pill types that should never be stacked with 5-HTP.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MOI) are the two pills that, when stacked with 5-HTP, can result with enhancing the production and release of serotonin. This factor affects your brain cells in a negative way and hence, might result with Acute Serotonin Syndrome.

Some people will be suggested to follow the medication of some natural mood enhancers, which works on par with their body type. Such people should strongly stay away from 5-HTP supplement since mix and match of two natural drugs might hinder the effects of one another.

As Mood Enhancer

Serotonin is one of the enzymes that contribute equally in helping you with mood balancing issues. Even though it is a useful supplement, the excess production might usually result with offering more than what you expected from 5-HTP. Hence, experts suggest balancing the excess production of 5-HTP by supplying stress relievers and mood lifters such as GABA agonists.

The result from the production of GABA receptors includes calmness of mind, ability to clear your head and focus on what you were planning, etc. For enjoying excellent benefits, you can stack this 5-HTP with Phenibut or Picamilon.