Pet Hale And Hearty

Our lovely pets cannot tell us about their pains and aches, so we should be careful and aware about when and how we should take care and give them proper treatment. Certain routine measures and a bit extra care can contribute to your pet’s healthy long life.

Bi-Annual Exams

It is essential to get your pet’s routine examination done. This makes you sure about its health. Also, in case of any potential problems, you shall get to know beforehand and can them cured as soon as possible. In this check up, the veterinarian shall conduct the complete physical check up from heart, breathing up to their skin and mouth. They also recommend the following –

  • Blood panel tests monitor kidney and liver functioning; this identifies all the abnormalities if any.
  • The fecal test checks for pet’s stool and ensures normality.
  • Certain additional tests like blood pressure, x ray, etc shall identify all important needs and functions.

Dental Health

This is the vital part for your pet’s general health. It is noticed that 80 percent of pets above 3 years show symptoms of oral diseases. Also, research says that good dental care may extend your pet’s life by 2 – 5 years. Professional dental care may vary as per your pet’s age but here are certain basic and simple ways for good dental health –

  • Brushed teeth
  • Get your pet’s teeth brushed daily or weekly. This should form a habit for best dental care. Also, use of pet toothbrush and toothpaste is a must. This routine shall extend professional dental cleaning time.
  • An edible dental chew shall maintain the tartar level in your pet’s body but an appropriate size of it should be confirmed. This shall be consumed each day to add to the calorie intake of your pet.
  • A dental check up twice a year for your pet can identify oral issues before they are serious.
  • Be careful of the foul breathing smell and stinky mouth, it may be a digestive issue. So it should not be avoided.

Healthy Diet

North Carolina veterinarian shall provide the best healthy diet suggestions for your pet’s life. Each pet has a different requirement and it also changes as they enter a different age from birth to adult and old. Also, you should choose an effective, safe, labeled product for your pet. To maintain the healthy weight, you should maintain the portion control of food as per their age. Some may need special diets while other may need something else.

Pet Hale And Hearty

A good diet should contain –

  • Fiber
  • Best quality protein
  • Required minerals and vitamins
  • Fish oils for good skin
  • Fat for needed calories
  • Specific diet for senior pet

Daily Exercise and parasite prevention

Overweight pets may get certain joint diseases, lung diseases, cancer, etc. thus, regular exercise helps maintain good health. A few things shall help. They are 15 minutes training exercise, daily walks, activities, playing, etc. parasite prevention is equally vital for your pet’s health. Effective products should be used for their management.

In short, choosing the right vet, maintain a grooming routine, best training, socializing and exercise is crucial for your pet’s happy and long life.

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Jack  Aslan has been working with a top North Carolina veterinarian for many years now, and he is an ardent blogger too. To learn more about services offered by emergency veterinary hospital, please visit their website.