Selecting an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment is definitely a medical choice so you should consult with the doctor to treat the ED’s root cause. Here’s a look at the popular available therapies to help you make the right decision.

Oral Medications

Of necessity, therapy by medication is the first and most preferred option. Your doctor may recommend the following medicines to help you achieve an erection and to support it:

Both of the above Medicines work by increasing the penis blood supply and calming the smooth muscles when sexually aroused. However, if you are currently on nitrates that are used to treat cardiac problems these medicines should be specifically avoided. People also use Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 for better results.

Before taking these medicines, it is also important to contact the doctor if you are still taking alpha-blockers to treat prostate enlargement as alpha-blockers when combined with erectile dysfunction medication medicine can induce a sudden decrease in blood pressure that can lead to nausea.

A small dosage of oral testosterone can also be recommended for those with reduced levels of the reproductive hormones called testosterone. However, the oral testosterone dosage may not be effective if the nerve or circulatory issues cause erectile dysfunction. You can also use Vilitra 20 for ED. Erectile dysfunction arising from late-onset hypogonadism can not ever be treated by the consumption of testosterone.

Injectable Medicines

Alprostadil injection into the penis has shown to have better erections by steering a high blood supply to the penis. Injectable medicines have an advantage over oral medicines as if the latter enhances one ‘s reaction to sexual arousal, but they can’t cause an involuntary erection much like injectable medication.

Aside from injection, alprostadil can also be injected directly into one’s urethra as a suppository. Suppositories are sturdy bits of medication and can be implanted in the body where it dissolves slowly. Your doctor will give you a prefilled applicator to insert the pellet into the urethra about an inch. The medication induces an erection within 10 minutes which typically takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Vacuum Device

Vacuum machines help to achieve an erection by drawing blood by suction into the penis, while an elastic band maintains blood in the penis to support erection in intercourse.


Surgery is the only treatment for serious situations that can not be handled with medication. Surgeries to treat erectile dysfunction are done either for artery repair to help increase blood flow to the penis or to insert a system to help the penis maintain an erection.

Reconstruction of arteries

This procedure is done to patch the arteries and eliminate blockages that obstruct the flow of blood through the penis. Usually, however, this procedure is recommended only for men younger than 30 years.

Implanted Device

Implanted machines widely known as prostheses have been found to help in patients with erectile dysfunction achieve a solid erection. There are two forms of prothese available:

  • Inflatable implants: These implants use a scrotum-implanted pump which makes the penis wider and longer.
  • Malleable implants: These implants are basically rods that allow you to change the penis location manually.

Most patients are discharged 2 days after surgery from the hospital, while the full rehabilitation time varies from 4 to 6 weeks in which the implants will be used. Popular implant complications include post-surgery infections and implant breakage.

Thus there are so many treatments available in the market for ED. so please contact your doctor before choosing any treatment for ED.