Oribe Canales, known professionally as Oribe, died at the age of 62. He was a Cuban-born American artist and fashion hairstylist. He made a lot of legendury hairstyles for celebrities and fashion events. One of his greatest works was high bouffants for a 1992 Chanel show. Of course, we can not forget the almost steroidal Belle du Jour coif that Oribe created for his beloved muse Jennifer Lopez for the 2002 Academy Awards.

When Oribe products was 6 years old his family moved from Cuba to North Carolina (USA). Got familiar with the TV industry, young Oribe had a dream to become an actor. Following his dream, he moved to New York. Oribe tried different jobs from waiter to dancer. However, his focus has changed when he got a job at a hair salon as a receptionist.

Famous hairstylist Garren met 16-year-old Oribe during a visit to his hometown. He shaded his impression about the young receptionist. “He had wide open eyes, and he held tight to each word I said,” he Garren. “He had a lot of magazines and posters with Christiaan, Suga, and myself. So I recommended him to go to study at beauty school and then come to my salon at the Plaza. He came back as a different person. I realized my customers would love him, because he was into the whole glamorous done/undone kind of hair”.

At the shooting for GQ Oribe met Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele who was an editorial stylist. This meeting was essential for Oribe and led him to collaboration with Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton etc. Steven Meisel invited a young stylist to join de Dudzeele and work together with makeup artist Francois Nars and the OG Supermodels Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell. From the late ’80s to the early ’90s Oribe worked with Italian Vogue. He has changed the beauty concept by using wigs and even brought rollers back into fashion.

Jennifer Lopez saw Oribe’s works in American Vogue and fell in love with his creativity and style. He was invited to do J.Lo’s hair for the cover of her first album “On The 6” in 1997. Since that time they have worked together.

He helped Jennifer Lopez to find her unique style and make her like the glamorous part of things. Oribe’s goal was always to empower women, to highlight their beauty and make them feel confident and sexy.

Oribe’s works have always been an inspiration for thousands of artists and hairstylists. He influenced the fashion of the 21st century.

In 1991 Oribe opened a big salon on Fifth Avenue instead of a little tucked room within the clothing store. Later on he started to work on his personal hair care line. After ups and downs he finally released the collection of 20 products. It was a real sensation! Over ten years later, because of acclaimed top choices like Dry Texture Spray and Gold Lust Oil, the Oribe assortment stays one of the most extravagant and profoundly respected hair-care lines in present times.

Oribe was a great man of art who revolutionized the hair fashion industry. The secret of his success is that it was never about him. He was all about the hair. He wanted to make the world more beautiful!