Breast Reduction

Usually, enlarged and sagging breasts can be pretty annoying to some individuals because they might alter your shape. As a result, your self-esteem is affected because you are usually not happy with your physical outlook. For this reason, most women search for all possible methods they can use to help reduce the size of their breasts, contouring the effect of gravity. Among the commonly used methods are breast reduction and breast lifting. Therefore, if you have sagging or extremely large breasts and seek a solution to your problem, Upper East Side breast lift and breast reduction are the solutions to all your issues. Let’s learn more about breast reduction and lifting below.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that aims at reducing the size of your breasts. The method involves removing some inner parts of your breast to ensure they are small and proportional in size. Despite breast reduction being for medical or cosmetic reasons, your care provider ensures you acquire stunning results.

What are the benefits of breast reduction?

Help alleviate chronic pain.

People with large breasts usually experience neck, back, or shoulder pain in most cases. Therefore, reducing the size of your breasts helps alleviate the pain that can worsen over time. It can provide permanent relief to your chronic pain.

It improves your posture.

With big breasts, maintaining a good posture can be pretty challenging. In most cases, due to their big size, the effect of gravity on them increases therefore ending up pulling you downwards. As a result, it makes your shoulders appear round in shape. And by reducing the size of your breasts, the excess weight is usually removed from your chest, helping you assume a good pasture.

Boosts your confidence and self-esteem

Reducing the size of your breasts improves your confidence and self-esteem because it makes you proud of your body shape and posture. Usually, big breasts lower your self-esteem because they make you appear un proportional, affecting your confidence in your appearance.

It makes physical activities easier.

When exercising, women with big breasts usually experience pain. The pain and discomfort can be severe such that it can prevent them from participating in essential and straightforward activities. Breast reduction, therefore, helps women enjoy their exercises without challenges.

What is breast lifting?

Mastopexy or breast lifting is a procedure that is usually performed to help rejuvenate sagging breasts, giving them a more youthful appearance. Usually, it involves getting rid of excess or sagging skin and tightening the nearby breast tissues to provide you with firmer and younger breasts. It can also be used to reduce enlarged alveoli.

Why is breast lifting important?

Help uplift your breast

Generally, the main reason for lifting your breasts is to reduce the size and contour and shape them to give you a younger appearance. All the unrequired skin sagging skin or tissues around the alveolar are removed, giving your breast the shape and size you have always wanted.

Breast lifting not only reduces the size of your breast and makes you appear younger. Therefore, if you are interested in reducing the size of your breast using breast reduction or breast lifting procedures, you can get started by consulting Fifth Ave Plastic Surgery specialists.