Alcohol is considered as a social drink and the alcohol drinkers are increasing all around the globe with every single day. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 51.9% of American populations above the age of 12 are current alcohol drinkers. However, this drug is the biggest enemy of your health. Alcohol is citing to be one of the biggest causes of death especially in women of the age group 30-40. However, there are number of ways through which you can stop drinking this poison. You can keep a strong control on yourself, change your company or can even join some rehabilitation centre e.g. holistic rehab. Alcohol does not only kill you, but, it also causes negative externality on the loved ones around you.

Here are some drastic damages that alcohol can cause to your health:


Brain Damage

Your brain is your controlling point and alcohol unfortunately directly attacks on your brain. Studies have shown that regular alcoholics have brains that are much less in strength in terms of response and thinking, as compared to non-alcoholics. One of the study further elaborated that alcohol damages the white matter of the brain. White matter is also known as the hard wiring of the brain, which is made by a long chain of neurons.

Alcohol also causes loss of some nerve cell loss that cannot be reproduced. It can cause a permanent damage. Hence there are number of other damages that alcohol causes to the human brain.

Liver Disease

Liver is a vital part of our body and its proper functioning is very important for us to survive. However, alcohol is seemingly the biggest enemy of this organ. It causes a disease in the liver known as Cirrhosis. This is a dreadful disease in which the main tissues of liver are replaced by fibrosis, scar tissues and regenerative nodules. Hence it results in malfunctioning of liver and its efficiency decreases up to a large extent. Cirrhosis is a slow but progressive disease. A survey by National Institute of Health showed that this disease is the 12th top cause of death among people. Cirrhosis comes more rapid if you are regular alcoholic drinker.

Alcohol abuse

Some people think that alcohol abuse is just addiction to alcohol; however, it is far greater than alcohol addiction phenomena. Alcohol abuse itself is a disease. It has negative impacts not only the alcohol addict but also on the addict’s family. The addict usually remains out of senses and hence can cause damage to the family in terms of violence. Parental alcoholism is also become a worrisome issue especially in Europe and North America. Children of alcohol addicts are more vulnerable to violence at home than children of non-alcoholics. Alcohol abuse leaves a negative impact on the overall personality of the addict’s children. It can also persuade the alcoholic to do some crime if he is unable to get sufficient alcohol due to money matters.


Drinking alcohol excessively increase the chances of cancer in any individual. The major cancers that can happen to alcohol addict are mouth, throat, liver and breast cancer. Cancer risks become higher if the alcohol drinker also drinks cigarette or any other tobacco.

Increase chances of heart attacks

Drinking is highly injurious for heart and it can also be one of the main reasons for a life taking heart attack. Excessive drinking of alcohol causes the platelets of the body to clump together and become blood clots. These blood clots are injurious for the whole body. They do not allow smooth functioning of blood transfer in different parts of our body. If these clots come in front of any heart valve, it can stop the blood to enter in the valve. Hence, this can cause a serious damage to heart functioning and even cause death of an individual due to heart attack. Blockage of valve leads to insufficient blood circulation of heart and consequently results in heart attack.

Hence, keeping in consideration all these diseases, you must consider all these facts and realities if you are an alcohol addict. At the end of the day, there is nothing important to anyone, else than health and family. In order to take care of both these things, individuals must avoid alcohols to remain healthy and wealthy.