Fake Perfume

There are a lot of benefits of using perfumes that might tempt you to buy one on your next visit to a duty-free store. If you are considering just that, then we recommend that you keep in mind that duty-free stores often carry fake perfumes having dangerous chemicals. This doesn’t mean that you can’t trust duty-free stores to buy perfume anymore. This only means that you need to learn how to identify fake perfume at a duty-free store. The 6 tips revealed right here might be able to help you with that.

  1. Remember that Reputation Matters

Online websites like Fragrance 365 are known for providing top quality and 100 percent authentic perfumes online which proves that reputation matters in the world of perfumes. So, you should be smart to buy perfume from a reputed duty-free store only. Check out the reviews of the duty-free store you are going to visit to know whether you can trust it or not.

  1. Too Cheap is Often Fake

While it is a fact that heavy discounts are often offered by perfume companies, it is also a fact that even after the discount, a perfume bottle would barely be affordable. Hence, if someone is offering you brands like Gucci or Dior perfumes for chump change, the probability would be very high that’s it’s a fake.

  1. Check the Wrapping

Most expensive and authentic perfumes are wrapped tightly in cellophane. If the one you are thinking of buying is not wrapped properly or is loose in places, then it’s a red flag. You should steer clear of such products and look for better options.

  1. Look at the Details

Read the product details like manufacturer’s identity, marketer’s details, and date of packaging. They are usually mentioned at the back of perfume. Make sure that there are no typos or grammatical errors in the information. The placement of the barcode also matters. It needs to be placed on the back only.

  1. Trust Your Nose

If you are buying perfume that you had bought earlier, then you should let your nose help you recognize a scent and decide whether the product is real or fake. To run the smell test, spray the perfume on your wrist and smell it without touching it. If it feels off or different, you better avoid it.

  1. Examine Branding and Packaging

The quality of the packaging material of a fake perfume is very low, and there are more chances of unwanted leaks as compared to a real one. Similarly, the cheap imitations might copy the logo, hologram or taglines of the brand they are copying but they will never be able to copy it precisely. A smart idea would be to scroll through the official website of the perfume brand and compare the logos or holograms.

Do you know of any more tips that can help detect a fake at a duty-free store? Feel free to comment below and share your experience.