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Health is always a first priority for everybody. However, we all become careless sometime and did not take care of small symptoms which later turn into big disease. Today our surroundings are polluted and slowly we all are getting few known and unknown diseases. The food served to us is not hygienic so we can say to keep self healthy is becoming little difficult today. In this short note you will get the vital information to keep yourself fit.

  • Running/Jogging: if you like to eat burger, sandwiches or other fast food items then you might know that our body takes time to digest the fast food. Fast food also disturbs our immune system. You can keep yourself fit and can protect yourself from several diseases by doing jogging regularly. Jogging is referred as a major exercise to keep the heart healthy.

If you are worried about your health then you should keep your heart healthy. Yes! Experts have proved that to live longer a person should keep their heart healthy. Few signs of healthy heart are mentioned below:

  1. Cholesterol: first thing you have to do is limit the cholesterol level in your food. You should intake food with low cholesterol. Oily food should be avoided if you want to reduce the cholesterol level of the body.
  2. Blood pressure: heart beat will be higher if the blood pressure is increased. Regular check-up of blood pressure will help you to regulate the heart pressure. If you are suffering from low BP then you should take higher salt in your food vice-versa.
  3. Blood sugar: to keep your heart fit you need to maintain your blood sugar level also. This can be done by avoiding fat items. You should reduce the sugar intensity which is again a very important part to manage the blood sugar. If your blood is converted into sugar then your heart valves get blocked and you will get into difficulties.

strong heart cartoon

Our sleep is also an important part of health. There are few things that you can follow to improve your sleep:

  • Your bed, bed sheet, and pillowcase are playing vital role for better sleep. You need to wash them properly and sprinkle the lavender water so that you will get freshness and sweet smell while sleeping.
  • Removing the pillow is also a good option. You might get some difficulties for a few days but once you get habituated to sleep without pillow you will never get the neck pain or any diseases related to the neck. Your head will be cool and you will get the nice sleep without a pillow.
  • Experts prefer to eat walnuts before sleeping.

Stress of work will definitely put negative effect on health. If you have stress of work then you should try the ways to control it or remove the stress. If you are having smoking habit and you want to stop this then you can get the e-cigarette for reducing and removing standard cigarette habit. For more details you can refer the e-cigarette review site.