You may have only just heard the word “Scrotox” and looked up its definition out of curiosity, but the truth is that men all over the world are now using the latest trend in plastic surgery to improve both the appearance of the scrotum and potentially improve sexual performance and pleasure. For many decades, women have received Botox injections in their face as a way to reduce fine lines over time and to keep the face looking youthful, even after collagen levels begin to lessen as a natural part of the aging process. Today, more and more men are receiving these injections in their scrotum as a means of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing scrotum in more ways than one.

Smoother and Lower Hanging

Scrotox can improve sex performance and will dramatically reduce the number of naturally occurring wrinkles in the scrotum so that the testicles located inside appear more relaxed and hang lower than is typical. This is an aesthetic improvement as much as it is a physical pleasure improvement, and the procedure has now doubled in popularity compared to this time last year. For this reason, it is in your best interests to contact a professional about the possibility of trying this procedure for yourself for the very first time, and the cost-effective nature will only make your choice easier to make in the long run.

Why Should Get It?

Any men who may be concerned that their “balls” are too tight and want to allow them to appear larger in size by allowing them to drop lower and look smoother over time. These injections will also help lessen the issue of severe sweating in this area of the body which may result in fungal infections, chafing, and heat rashes if you are not careful to keep the area clean and dry at all times. Such injections are fast, easy, and free of discomfort without any downtime following the procedure, and you may have these injections done for no more than it would cost a woman to receive the injections in her face for fine line treatments.

Hanging Lower

When you take the necessary actions to see your testicles swing low, you will ensure they look more aesthetically attractive and also produce a larger amount of sperm at any given time. This is why some men looking to become fathers receive the injections because there is a chance, albeit a small one, of increased fertility. The larger your testicles, the more sperm you will naturally produce, thus increasing the odds of you impregnating a significant other if that is your wish. At the end of the day, this is one procedure which may sound odd, but one that will provide you with any number of excellent benefits, including improved sexual satisfaction and aesthetic appeal for all involved.